Given the month we’ve had of all things Destiny’s Child related, it’s only right we highlight this beauty.  Despite the girl group’s disbandment, Michelle Williams has carved out quite the career for herself.  Award winning gospel artist, Broadway actress, philanthropist, she seems to do it all.  Now, she’s adding style savant to this list.
When Williams first began strutting the path toward defining her look, Bodycon dresses were her go-tos, paired with platform pumps.  Because of her long, gamine legs, however, the shoes seemed to weigh her down.

As time progressed, the platform shoe progressed into a sleeker pump or strappy sandal.  She also began experimenting with different textures like lace and sequins on party dresses and brocade on frocks.
  Bright citrine colors like yellow and peach in maxi dresses exude her effulgent and sunny personality.
  A fan of eye catching patterns, whether striped, animal printed or something abstract, she enjoys letting the garments speak for themselves, while keeping hair, makeup and accessories to the minimum.
 Who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit?  Denim, peplum, or lace, Michelle knows it’s always a good idea, especially when you don’t want the feel of constriction with a dress.
As of late, she’s teamed up with celebrity stylist J. Bolin, who is well known and highly recommended in the gospel arena.  Serving looks by Self Portrait and Levenity, high fashion is on the menu for Michelle in 2017, and we can’t wait for more!
  So here’s to Michelle Williams.  A woman of talent, grace, class, and faith who will never let a naysayer dim her light.  She sang it best.  “When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no!”  We couldn’t agree more!
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