The mid to late 90’s were interesting years to say the least. Pop music became a worldwide phenomenon, and the sensation that is the Spice Girls took the world by storm. Platinum albums, sold out shows, dolls, and movies, they broke records all in the name of girl power. Thankfully, one of our faves from the group is still going strong delivering look after look as she co-judges two of the most watched talent shows on television. Today, it’s all about Mel B, formerly known as Scary Spice, and we wouldn’t “wanna” have it any other way.
Mel B has always been the fearless one of the bunch, especially when it comes to fashion. During the Spice Girls era, she sported lots of high voltage, midriff bearing looks. Leather, metallic separates and touches of leopard print were often the menu for her. Paired with funky platforms and her signature curly ‘fro, she was an immediate standout.

  Though the group disbanded many moons ago, Mel B has stood the test of time and has made a major name for herself in the entertainment industry. As one of the judges of America’s Got Talent and X Factor, to say she keeps a busy schedule is an understatement. Despite it all, she manages to turn out flawless looks everytime she steps out.

 For daytime, a good pair of jeans, a crisp jacket and Louboutins tend to be her steeze, but she’s not one to be pigeonholed. When it’s all business, you’ll know. 

I mean, who else can look this fabulous while toting two coffee cups while teetering in stilettos? Dainty blouses paired with pencil skirts and fabulous sunglasses skew a slightly more serious Mel, until she flashes that inviting smile
  For the red carpet, the glam hits astronomical levels. Gorgeous strapless gowns with thigh-grazing slits showcase her toned legs. Jumpsuits and minidresses hug her curves perfectly as though they were another layer of skin. Simply tasteful and gorgeous.
 Even after more than twenty years in the business, Mel B’s style has transcended from bold and sassy to demure and polished, but so on trend and eye catching. So here’s to this week’s throwback. May the Scary Spice Halloween costumes never fizzle out. And here’s hoping Mel B’s style influences us all to spice up our lives.
For more fab looks of Mel B, spy our curated gallery above!

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