There aren’t many men who can compete with the likes of this week’s throwback. 55 million albums sold worldwide, dubbed one of the greatest MC’s of all time, co-owner of famed New York sports lounge, The 40/40 Club, record label, entertainment company, husband to the greatest entertainer of our generation, and father now three. The world is Shawn “Jay Z” Carter’s oyster.  And with undeniable, yet understated style, we’re sure he’ll have the twins decked out in the crème de la crème of designer baby wear like older sister Blue Ivy.
Jay Z’s look during the start of his music career was a direct reflection of the style of the times. High top fades and gargantuan gold rope chains ornamented with monolithic pendants were all a part of his steeze during the late eighties to early nineties.
 The late nineties to early 2000’s gave way to clothes and trends with lots of urban flair. Athletic jerseys, fitted caps, Jordan’s, and Jay’s iconic T-shirt worn as a durag set the tone for a lot of up and coming rappers looking to emulate the look at the time.

 Staying true to form, he still rocks a jersey or two to this day, trading in oversized ones for jerseys that do more justice to his frame.
Jay Z soon realized the impact he had on the fashion world, and dove headfirst into creating his own line: Rocawear. And if you weren’t in Rocawear during its peak, were you really on trend?

Jay Z’s casual style these days conveys comfort and practicality, with a touch of humblebrag somewhere in the mix.  Givenchy sweatshirts, jeans and a pair of Timberlands have become somewhat of a staple for him, definitely letting the Timbs speak to his roots as a Brooklynite.

Jay Z’s image transcended once again, mirroring his role as a power player in the world of entertainment, music, and investing. He ushered in an era of custom suits and ties with slimmer silhouettes the likes of Tom Ford and Lanvin.

Jay Z’s swag doesn’t stop on the red carpet or on the street.  He and Beyoncé constantly have onlookers ogling their vacation pics and style.  For Jay, comfort is key when he island hops near the Almalfi Coast.  Luxury sunglasses, striped tees and shorts seem to be the requisites for Jay as he yachts the Mediterranean. If only we can be this cool…and coined.

Not only has Jay Z’s style progressed, but so has his business acumen. From the Marcy Projects to being touted as the second highest earning hip hop artist of all time by Forbes magazine. Feat after feat, Jay has managed to reinvent himself all while staying true to who he is and never losing sight at the end of the tunnell to get to the top. He no longer watches the throne. He sits on it.

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