Brooklyn has birthed some of the greatest rappers of all time.  They’ve changed the game time and time again, reinventing the sound and the look.  During the early 2000’s, rappers started to pay more attention to fashion, eventually catapulting them into trendsetter status.  For this Brooklynite, Fabolous, the athletic jersey accompanied with matching fitted cap became synonymous with his name, and soon after, everyone wanted to emulate the look.  I’m sure there’s a picture of me somewhere trying this too, minus the enormous Jesus piece.  But a true fashion aficionado will never be stagnant when it comes to their style.  The Brooklyn Don’s Instagram (@myfabolouslife) can attest to that, where he showcases his looks on a spectrum from swag to suave.
It was all about fitted caps with the brim tilted to the side, athletic headbands, and oversized tracksuits for Fab when he first hit the music scene.  And more often than not, he elevated his swag with a diamond encrusted chain.  For references, you can satiate your nostalgia by taking a look at the music video for his single “Young’n (Hollaback)”…and see if you remember how to do the REAL Harlem Shake.

These days, the silhouette of Fab’s looks is more slim cut and fitted, but the swag hasn’t died.  Bomber jackets in vibrant hues festooned with patches seem to be the weapon of choice in his sartorial arsenal.       
 And on stage, the looks keep coming.  Rocking designers like Gucci, Off-White, and Rhude at sold out shows to killing it in all white shows the versatility in his style.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see him seated front row during fashion week.  Typically taking on a much muted palette, Fab reaches for coats and sneakers in grays, nudes and blacks.  Basic colors, however, do not a basic outfit make.

Suits?  Check.  The man is sharper than a tack when it comes to red carpet looks.  Tailored to perfection, and not afraid to take a risk in an embroidered Alexander McQueen blazer shows his dedication to fashion.

And his birthdays, he pulls out all the stops. 
A pioneer of hip-hop in the early 2000’s, trendsetter, and now signed to Roc Nation (a surprise during his 40th birthday party), there’s no stopping this man, so we’re definitely going to see just how much more fly the guy can get.
For more of our favorite looks of Fabolous, spy the gallery above!

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