Who would’ve thought in the space of three years, this week’s Throwback would’ve evolved into the woman she is today?  She even still pinches herself just to make sure she’s not dreaming.  Turning 25 yesterday, Cardi B has every reason to celebrate.  Her song “Bodak Yellow” sits #1 on the Billboard Hip-Hop charts for its third week in a row.  She took home three BET Hip-Hop Awards this past weekend.  And she’s done it all being her true self.  From her days giving us (often comedic) advice and anecdotes in the vein of “real talk” by way of her thick as flan Bronx accent on Instagram stories, to her chasing the dream on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop, no one can deny this young woman’s ambition, humility, determination, nor the results that came from sheer hard work.  She’s growing into her own, and her style is absolutely growing with her.

Cardi B was just a regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx before social media and reality television became the start of her astronomical rise to fame. Love & Hip-Hop saw her showcase her buxom frame in bodycon dresses, bikini tops and designer heels like Giuseppe Zanotti… still a favorite brand for her.


And as one of the few who actually turned her time on the show into a lucrative career churning out hit after hit, Cardi’s splurges fall right in line with her money moves. Though she’s a girl who loves to slay on a budget, as she adores affordable pieces by Fashion Nova…  …Cardi flexes those shmoney muscles in looks the likes of Gucci, Christian Siriano, LaQuan Smith, and Balenciaga.  Whether in streetwear or in full on glam goddess mode, her style leaves a lasting impression.



From making viewers double over in laughter from her Instagram videos to selling out arenas worldwide, the stage is just another platform for Cardi to showcase her eye-catching style. From those killer Saint Laurent Crystal Diamanté Slouchy Boots worn at this year’s VMA’s to her Christopher Jones Rogers multicolor fur at BET’s Hip-Hop Awards, she, and stylist Kollin Carter are steadfast in ensuring she delivers fashion moments.

 It’s astonishing how much the 25 year old has accomplished in the space of a year, and her first album hasn’t even been released yet. We’re sitting on the edge of our seats for what Cardi’s going to deliver next, and hopefully soon. But whatever she does between now and her album’s release, without a doubt, she’ll always look like she caught a lick.


 For more, check out our favorite pics of Cardi B in the gallery above!

What say you to this week’s style glow-up?