Laura Govan has had a serious beauty and fashion transition over the years.

steal-laura-govan-house-of-cb-vittoria-maxi-dress-fbd1Laura Govan posed up on the 'Gram in a chic red suit. Love!splurge-laura-govan-virgos-lounge-fbd1

Largely after her significant weight-loss journey, Laura has gone from reality star and simple Basketball-star wife to an all out fashionista, known for daring looks with a sexy twist.
It's was all business and style for Lauran Govan who werked a blue suit with silver pumps.michael costello fall 2014.JPG laura govan

While she was finding her footing at first a few years back, Laura either straddled the fence of ill-fitting clothes that didn’t show off her forming shape, or wearing completely inappropriate getups that just were not complimentary… to anything.

Laura Govan flaunted a one shoulder satin dress for a benefit eventTBT-The-Style-Evolution-of-Laura-Govan-2010laura-govan-5th-annual-fashion-and-football-runway-show-new-york-cityImani Gloria Laura Govan Akoo T.I Launch

2012 Do Something Awards - Arrivals

Now after losing the weight and losing her long hair, Govan is leading the way to looking sultry on Instagram (where she posts many of her photos), as well as appearances on the red carpet where she, no doubt, shows off her toned features and smoking physique.Laura Govan smoldered on the 'Gram in an all red ensemble.Laura Govan's Russell Simmons All Def Comedy Jam Band of Outsiders Flight Satin Twill Jumpsuit and Gold Saint Laurent Sandals With the creative direction of her stylist Daniel Hawkins aka @1800DHawk, Govan has now adopted a look of sexy sophistication, rocking classic silhouettes but putting her own spin on it, whether through color, texture or cut. Perhaps one of the greatest things about her to a lot of people is she isn’t a label fanatic; at times, she’ll wear nothing designer and at other times, head to toe. 
Laura Govan's The Wedding Ringer Premiere Michael Costello Short Gold Strapless DressNowadays you’ll find her working on her latest projects, including her new TV show, The Next: 15, which follows the lives of six reality stars in their new entrepreneurial pursuits. Govan is working on authoring children’s books, so we can’t wait to see what she brings! Keep a look-out for it on TV One. Check out her video for the show:

Laura Govan Sports A New DoMichael Costello, Band of Outsiders, House of CB, Opening Ceremony, Duckie Confetti, Christian Louboutins, and more grace her closet. Of course, her shoe game is impeccable; so much so, we had to cover it here on FashionBombDaily._laura-govan-shoe-closet-brian-atwood-christian-louboutin-prada-aquazzura-giuseppe-zanotti copy

Let’s let the photos speak for themselves. Check out our gallery where we show her fashion transformation over the past few years! What do you think of Laura Govan’s style evolution?

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