Most teen moms would not consider plastic surgery at this point of their lives when they have a baby to care for. They aren’t the three teen moms who star on the show Teen Moms. Three celebrities from this show have had their bodies sculpted with rear end plastic surgery called a Brazilian Butt Lift. Results were different for each of them. 

Most celebrities will not reveal whether or not they have had plastic surgery, but these three celebrities openly share their experiences with their Brazilian Butt Lifts.

Kaitlyn Lowry Was the First to Try a Brazilian Butt Lift

In 2016, Kaitlyn Lowry underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) to enlarge her derriere. This procedure involves removing fat from the waistline, abdomen, legs, or other areas of the body and inserting it into the butt. The surgery not only adds fullness to the rear end. It also shapes the waistline and other areas of the body into slimmer, better-defined body parts.

Kaitlyn knew that if she was proud of how her outer body looked, then she would have more self-confidence. Her BBL was performed when her son was six years old. She continued to star in MTV’s follow-up of Teen Mom 2. In between her performances, Kaitlyn managed to have three more sons for a total of four sons.

The plastic surgery may have helped her maintain her career to this day when she is 30 years old. She will not star in Season 2 of Teen Mom 2.

Kaitlyn has recently lost some pounds. Her experience with her BBL and with her other plastic surgery was positive. She plans to have another body modification soon. It’s a breast reduction that will undoubtedly enable her to be more comfortable.

Briana DeJesus Was Next

Only two years later in 2018, Briana DeJesus was the next Teen Mom 2 star to undergo a BBL. She joined her co-star Kaitlyn Lowry and other stars who have had a variety of procedures to enhance their tushes. One star of another show had butt injections without any pain killers in someone’s apartment. Another star had illegal butt injections that caused her trouble for years. Several surgeries later to fix the damage, she is doing much better. 

Briana is living proof of how important it is to have a BBL done by a top board-certified plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon is trained to prevent and eliminate pain and to ensure the patient’s comfort to the highest possible level. The details of her extreme pain may not have been reported to her surgeon.

Any time that a person undergoes surgery of any kind, there will be pain. With the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon, much of this pain can be controlled.

The Teen Mom 2 show was just renewed, and Season 2 will begin with Briana starring in the show. She will perform without her co-star Kaitlyn Lowry, which may be a refreshing break for her since the two stars have been at each other’s throats for a long time.

Jade Cline Had Her Brazilian Butt Lift in 2021

Another Teen Mom 2 star to have a BBL was Jade Cline. Two of her co-stars had already had the butt builder surgery, and she was next. Jade actually had MTVs cameras there to follow her procedure. She had a positive outcome of her BBL and posted pics of herself as she was recovering from the surgery. The Teen Mom 2 star also posted selfies of her new pouting lips online for fans to see. This was another plastic surgery to enhance Jade’s natural beauty.

For Jade, having the BBL boosted her confidence. The outcome looks natural and proportionate to the rest of her body. Her fans made mostly positive comments about her surgery and the end results. No wonder she is happy that she had the BBL!

Getting Through a Brazilian Butt Lift the Best Way

Board-certified plastic surgeons suggest that patients who have had a BBL follow certain procedures after surgery. One of these is to sleep on their stomach or side for two weeks. Another few weeks of avoiding sitting on the buttocks is also necessary. Most surgeons recommend a donut for sitting as this removes pressure from the buttocks. Following a healthy diet will help you recover and heal faster. A compression garment is often recommended for six weeks after surgery.

Common Myths About a Brazilian Butt Lift

Many myths about getting a BBL are believed by most people. Among these is the one that the BBL is a dangerous surgery. Actually, it is safe if performed by a plastic surgeon. Make sure that your surgeon will insert the fat from other body parts into the butt in the proper manner. This is to insert the fat between the muscle and the skin.

When doctors first began to do BBLs, they thought that it was best to insert the fat cells directly into the butt muscles. This did result in some problems when fat cells moved into a blood vessel and caused fatal results. When you go for your consultation with your plastic surgeon, make sure that the doctor will not place the cells into the butt muscles, but between the muscle and skin.

Using a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Minimizes Problems

The best plastic surgeons have learned the procedure for performing a BBL safely. They are up to date on the latest research and know how to safely perform the surgery. The celebrities who have shared the hardships that they have had tell us that they had someone inject their butts with some type of substance. These procedures were not performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. 

The Major Benefit of a Brazilian Butt Lift

Almost everyone who has had a BBL shares that it enhanced their self-confidence. Knowing that they look good on the outside gave them more self-confidence and helped them feel good about themselves. They knew they looked more attractive, so they felt and acted more appealing to their audience. This procedure may be the perfect one for you too.