This week was unfortunately low on chic. Still, we scrounged up a few pics for your viewing pleasure:





If I had to pick, I’d go with Mya and Alicia Keys’ back stage outfits. They look ready to rock out in a music video or onstage.

Who’s your pick for this week in chic?


5 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Soledad, Keri, Chris Rock, and more!”

  1. I pick Jordin. She’s is really coming into her own, but she always keeps it age appropriate. Got to love Adam and Chris, always keeping it simple. And TO, just plain gross.

  2. I have to go with T.O’s girls and Kevin Lyles. Every one else is boring or doing too much (Mya, Keri, T.O.)

  3. Alica and Mya stay reppin for the thick thighs ladies! Keri does her own thing, not my style but she can pull it off. T.O needs to go back home and put on a shirt

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