19 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Rihanna at Balmain, Kim Kardashian at David Letterman, and the Premier of Good Hair!”

  1. Kim Kardashian has effortless, chic style. I love it!!! And Keri was fabulous this week as well. Love the bell shaped red dress!

  2. Love Keri’s red carpet look! And Gabbi’s outfit is really cute (could see myself in something like that) and I like Serena’s top/jacket/bangles combo. But everyone looks hot! Good week in fashion!

  3. Nia Long is killin it. What does she eat? Gaw-jus.

    Gabby looks great.

    Kim K is looking kinda slim, but fab. I’m admitting that she has great style.

    Oh and Serena has been looking so awesome lately. She looks so pretty here.

  4. Nia looks GREAT. Gabrielle Union’s boots are the hotness. Kimora is a DIVA. Eve’s look is hot, although very hollywood and a lil less “real style” – ish.

  5. Nia and Kim take the cake … Kimora looks huge, sorry and I don’t like Keri Hilson’s stylle for some reason.

  6. Keri Hilson is the bomb!! you must be similar to her maybe that’s why you ain’t feelin here. 9 out of 10 times you two are similar., in my book i kinda feel certain people and most of the time, they are similar to me., not saying i don’t like myself, but i don’t think i could stand two of me.

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