10 thoughts on “This Week in Chic : Mary, Ciara, Beyonce and more!”

  1. I’d give it to B, but she insists on rocking those nude fishnets. I just don’t get it… Please, someone stage an intervention!

  2. Lol @ amber, I agree. I love B, but I can’t handle the fishnets. I’ll give it to Rihanna and Michelle. I prefer Rihanna when she’s dressed down like this, she looks young and natural. And I love Mrs. Obama, she do no wrong in my eyes!

  3. I am sorry, but neither one of those 3 looks from Mary, Beyonce or Rihanna go into the “undeniably chic” section this time around for me. While I did like Mary’s ensemble, I was not really feeling the hair. I am not a big fan of Beyonce’s jumper on her (the stockings why??) and Rihanna looks a bit disheveled. Her hair is a mess, the necklaces she has on just looks like really long rubber bands. I do like that bag she is carrying though. I like pretty much everyone elses looks (except for Deborah Cox).

  4. I like Beyonce’s jumper, I think she wears the stockings to mask any cellulite.( It’s okay B, we all have it). Everyone looks fab !!!

  5. hmmm.. I don’t know.. the romper on B looks cheap.. loves her though

    Rihanna’s look is nice.. I could rock that.. like the necklaces and the bag

    Mary looks nice and simple

    Ciara’s wig ruins everything

    Kim and Lala look cute together

    The First Lady looks nice and fresh

  6. I agree with D about Bey’s romper. I laughed when I looked at her.

    I think Kim K. looks best in both pix this week but I mostly lovin the look in the flick w/ Christian S.

    Now, somebody twit Ciara to get rid of the wig! I’ve had enough!!

  7. I like the brown paired with gold of Mary even though it’s safe.. well it works!

    The other ladies or okay I guess. They are working their signature look nothing to impress… But Kim??! What with the blue powder eye makeup/jewllery/bag?? Not nice at all… :(

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