7 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Lil Kim, Kanye, and Kid Cudi!”

  1. Everybody looks cute!! Even Kim! (for once…lol) Gabby looks really pretty!! Aww good job people!

  2. Kim for once?? Kim K. is a very stylish woman. Not over the top, but sexy and classy with a little spunk on occasion. Her style is more realistic than some of the celebritites out there. I for the most part think she has a great fashion sense.

  3. @Anony- Kim comes out of the house looking a rabid hot mess A LOT of the time.. Her clothes are cute sometimes, yes.. but the hair and make up THROW me on a regular basis. I still love her though!

  4. Lil Kim dress is more than just a lil fli! Soo proud of her as she tends to have a very predictable style.

  5. Actually i was very surprised with Serena. Although the outfit is simple, she looks really nice in that pic! Arms are rediculous!

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