Celebs kept up their usual schedule of parties and red carpet events, with Keke Palmer toasting her Sweet 16th, Diddy showcasing his new group Dirty Money, and Queen Latifah and more attending the wrap party for the movie “Just Wright”:

Keke Palmer Lil Mama Elise Neal Rihanna


Teyana Taylor Chris Brown Christina Milian





I think Keke looks absolutely darling at her Sweet 16th party! She’s growing up beautifully!

Who do you think wins this week’s chic award?

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9 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Keke Palmer, Dee & Ricky, and Dirty Money!”

  1. Keke looks the best…by far. She’s very mature looking for only 16. I like Christina’s relaxed looked, it reminds me of something I would wear. I’m not feeling the Rihanna get up at all. Her outfits are starting to bore me.

  2. Keke is only 16?? She seems so much older…I do like her outfit those…very cute!

  3. I think im def hoping on the last “Train 2 Paris” wit Dirty Money, im feeling sexy dark skinned folks in all white, jus dope! Keke always love dat gurl.. Lil MAma u finally did it MA :) RiRi the outfit is nice, she rocks it well, but the average JAne(like myself) couldnt do it justice….

  4. why lil mama got on that cheap dress that everyone in the hood was wearin to they prom?? she look good but dam.. i saw that dress everywhere…

  5. RiRi needs to spare us all on this look…She didn’t rock it like I know she has the potential too.

    Lil’ Mama looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland but KeKe looks tastefully done. Her little show on Nickelodeon is quite cute as well.

    In Love with Common…Something about sexy, bald, caramel men….I can’t explain it….shoot–see one today…Let me stop…LMBO

  6. oh yea…dark skinned people in white is the new hotness….very beautiful. Keep up the good work…

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