12 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Gabrielle, Lala, Ciara, and More Met Ball!”

  1. S-O-L-A-N-G-E

    solange looks amazing….this girl dresses to the nines!

  2. To be honest, I really like this website but I don’t know half, what am I saying three quarters of these people.

    From the Netherlands I like to keep an eye out for fashion blogs such as these, because black/brown/creamy caramel people aren’t show that often during these things.

    I do have some favorites though: The first woman in the black and white dress. The white actually shines and is very pretty on her.

    Vivica A. Fox (in green am I right?) I like the color green on her as well. She looks so radiant and pure too. Can’t really describe it fully enough in English.

    And the last lady on the left in the purple gown. It’s a very beautiful dress on her. She might be a tad on the small size but the dress covers all potential weird things nicely. As for the colour I think she is able to pull it of well due to her amazing complexion.

    That is all!



  3. The first women in the white and black is model Oluchi Onweagba at the the Met Costume Gala and she is my favourite of the week too.

    I love the drama of the colours and the proportions. She brings the drama, sophistication, elegance and class.

  4. Gonna take a crack at who’s in the pictures:
    Top Row: Oluchi, Arlenis, Liya
    Row 2: Gabrielle Union, Jurnee Smollet, John Legend and Belle
    Row 3: Sanaa, Lala, Vivica
    Row 4: Ciara & Kim K, Knowles Fam
    Row 5: V Beckham, Nicole Richie, Genevieve Jones
    Last Row: Sessilee, Jourdan, Lackshmi, Rachel Roy, Joy Bryant
    Who’d I do?!?

  5. I think everyone looks FABULOUS! Esp. Liya, Solo, and Viv (love her hair!).

    Gabby and Sanaa… not so much. :(

  6. Love the looks.
    There is a pic of Solange from her twitter page in the lobby of somewhere in Belgium black dress and hot pink shoes that pic/style is fab.

    Wish there were more pics around of Jourdan in her dress.

  7. everyone looks fab! oluchi!!!!!!!!!!! oww…..didn’t see pics of her at met…beautiful! lala is suprisingly feirce as well! the knowles’ killed as always solo’s dress….bey’s shoes and belt and jacket and…just bey. loving mama knowles and lil man’s tee is haute! vicki beckham…so posh! lol! i love everyone in this post! really!!!

  8. I can’t choose but YES! …the models did the damn thing this week!
    I luv Liya Kebede!!!

  9. All of the models looked amazing!! However at the other events, LaLa and Vivica are striking. Gabby and Sanaa..eh not so good..a lil boring. The Knowles troop..looks good. Mama still looks a lil mean, but nice nonetheless.

  10. Oh and Nicole..I don’t like the dress on her. Why do short/petite ppl think they can wear dresses like these? It is not flattering.

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