11 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Eva, and more!”

  1. I am not a huge fan of Beyonce’s style, but she looks gorgeous in those two photos. I love the white dress, and I need that coat she is wearing! Can you believe there are tickets for her concert that are selling for 20 bucs?!

  2. I absolutely am in Love with that blue dress that Beyonce has on! It really caught my eye! Would you happen to be able to find out who that blue knee length dress is by? And I Love those Ruthie Davis shoes that she is rocking. And the coat! I love that whole outfit.

  3. Nicole Ritchie wins, hands down. Eva an Halle do not deserve to be on the list this week. Beyonce looks beautiful, but her fashion choices never excite me like Rihanna’s or J. Lo’s.

  4. Everyone looks great this week!!

    And I got my twenty dollar ticket!! :D (Its a busy summer music wise in the Bay, I can’t give her ALL my cash!!! lol)

  5. I honestly don’t want to be cruel or mean or anything, but I don’t really think that Meagan Good should be in this post… First off, because I don’t really see her outfit as being ‘chic’, but secondly, even if it was – she wore the exact same thing (to a T a few weeks ago)…

    Just saying..

  6. Yes Meagan Good wore that utfit already, BUT Her skin is on point. Shouldn’t that count for something? =)

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