13 thoughts on “This Week in Chic”

  1. Jurnee looks great…..and I love, love, love Monica’s bright gloves….season appropriate, but also a step into spring with the eye catching color

  2. Kerry and Eva are my favorites! Lauren looks adorable too… But ummm Monica and those cleaning gloves have to go- she’s really urking me these days for some reason. AND CAN SOMEONE TELL JOY BRYANT (isn’t that her name) SHE IS NOT TOO CUTE TO PUT ON SOME DAMN MAKEUP!!!!!!! SHE ALWAYS LOOKS SOOOOO BLAH, at least in the fae, and thats pretty darn important! smh

  3. Halle always gets it right.
    I love Jurnee Smollett’s ultra-bright 80s-style dress! So perfect, it’s somehow demure but fun and age-appropriate at the same time!
    I think Kerry’s skit could be a bit longer– just a bit.
    And I’m not really feeling Keshia Knight-Pulliam’s strapless number. I can’t put my finger on it, something’s just off. Maybe it’s not even the dress… maybe it’s her severe bangs?? Yes, I think that’s it. Half of her gorgeous face is covered!

  4. My favorite looks were Eva and Michelle Obama. The reason they are my favorite is because I would actually wear the outfits they have on.

  5. I actually can’t chose one or two, maybe five favorites, almost everyone look really chic.

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