The flyest outfits for this week in chic:


9 thoughts on “This Week in Chic”

  1. i think they all look nyce this time around….looks like everyone is wearin’ their style….xcept michelle, fabolous, and dj “forgot his name”. she i wayyy 2 thin and they look like a throwback to 90’s…..wackalicious

  2. Mary looks fly but she is wrong for all that fur. hopefully its fake. Sanaa looks gorgeous too.

  3. Mary J. Blige will always be the flyest, loving what she is wearin!

    I have got to get myself that scarf she has on! I would totally wear it with my gorgeous diamond necklace from that my hubby bought me. I would look like a celebrity like her!

    She will always stay an style icon for me, Sanaa too!

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