In Fashion, there are trends. And there are classics. And while in past years, we’ve seen bloggers get their shine, and celebs cause frenzies on the front row, this Fashion Week was back to basics. 

The bloggers that were lauded only a mere few years ago were noticeably absent on the front rows this Fashion Week, replaced by Youtubers, Tik Tokers, and Beauty Influencers. The celebs who typically cause hysteria were ghost: This Fashion Week coincided with Oscars week in LA. So most of our celebrities, stylists, and socialites were otherwise occupied on the West Coast, while fashion lovers were left to freeze, sometimes in the cold and rain, outside of Spring Studios.

Yes it was cold and rainy. And attendees could only shiver in their stilettos, confirmations in hand, before getting the green light. A quick suggestion for next year: Some sort of tent with heaters to make the wait a little more comfortable would be nice.

While listening to line chatter, I overheard people saying that they were students. Someone’s mom wondered how she even got in. Fashion Week is definitely more inclusive, from the guests who are invited to the designers who are showing. While Diversity is always in question during NYFW, this year, many black designers showed, from Sergio Hudson to Romeo HunteVictor Glemaud, LaQuan SmithAliette by stylist Jason Rembert, and Fe Noel. When I first started attending NYFW, the only shows for ‘us’ were Tracy Reese and Baby Phat. Things have certainly gotten more colorful.

But perhaps it’s all too little too late. As several question the necessity of Fashion Week, and attendance seems to wane, we wonder if we will even need or have a fashion week in a matter of years, especially when everyone has their phone poised at the show, ready to transmit to the world.

Michael Costello showcased his fashion show via his Instagram page, writing, “I chose not to participate in New York fashion week this season because I wanted to make my collection available to shop, direct to consumers, immediately. I also believe in giving my fans, people like you who have supported me since day one, the first look. I didn’t want to do a show reserved exclusively for fashion elites. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for inspiring me and supporting my journey every step of the way. Galaxy 54 is inspired by all things Studio 54 – Lamé , sequins, metallics, shoulder pads, and more. Enjoy!”

With shows that can cost at a minimum of $10,000, I’m sure many designers will slowly but surely choose to conserve their coins and follow suit.

As much as we love the preening, peacocking, and swanning at Fashion Week, I think we all know, deep down inside, that a video on a brand’s Instagram page and website can do the job without even a percentage of the hassle, hustle, or bustle.

It seems like a matter of time before its rendered null and void. Until then, the strut (and slay) goes on. And we will be there to capture every moment.

Love & Light,

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