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Summer is a time for pool parties, boating, the beach, and more. But fun in the sun isn’t always as enjoyable as it could be. Not having a good bathing suit that fits you well and is comfortable may have you feeling left out. It may also mean you aren’t as confident as you would be otherwise, or that you’ll say no to activities with your friends because you don’t have anything to wear, or you just don’t feel comfortable. It’s not always easy to get a great bathing suit, though. You have to know what to look for in style, size, pattern, color, and other factors. Here are some things to consider, before you buy.

Women’s Bathing Suits Mean Options

As soon as winter’s chill starts to leave, bathing suits are in the stores. They can also be purchased year-round online, for ease and convenience. There are a lot of bathing suits for women, and they can all be good choices. It’s nice to have options. But sometimes, those options can feel overwhelming and keep you from picking the suit that would be the most flattering and comfortable for you. Don’t just randomly choose something, or just select an option because it’s what you’ve always worn. Instead, consider all the women’s bathing suit options that can help you find a style and design that really helps you feel confident.

Choose a Style That Flatters Your Shape

There are two basic styles of women’s bathing suits, which are one-piece options and two-piece options (bikinis). But those styles have a lot of variation in them, too. Some one-piece suits have cut-outs on the sides, for example, or a lower shape to the back. Others are cut higher on the sides of the legs, or further down at the bust line. Some have ties, zippers, or ribbons. They’re all made from stretchable material, so they can move when you do. That makes them good for swimming and water sports.

Bikinis are the same way, in that they come in different cuts, styles, and coverage options. From barely there thongs to high-waisted tankinis, women who want to wear two-piece suits have choices, too. A lot of women like bikinis because they can get a fuller tan than they can with a one-piece option. But they often also like the comfort and style these suits offer. While bikinis may not be as good for water sports or even swimming, they’re a great choice for having fun at the beach or on the boat.

Any woman of any size can wear the kind of swimsuit she likes. But finding one that flatters your personal shape the most, and makes you feel happy and confident, should be the goal. Some women just don’t feel as comfortable in a one-piece suit, and others don’t like the extra exposure their body gets in a bikini. With so many women’s bathing suit options, though, it’s possible to find a suit — or several — that flatter your specific shape and help you feel better about how you look for your day of fun in the sun.

The Color of Your Suit Can Make a Difference

What color do you want your women’s bathing suit to be? There are all kinds of colors and looks, so you can go with everything from basic black to bright colors that stand out. You’ll need to decide whether you’re looking to blend in or get noticed, and if you want to have more than one option to choose from. A lot of women own several bathing suits, so they can choose what feels best to them depending on the event. Having a few different colors available can make that decision easier and boost your confidence, too.

Bold Patterns Will Get You Noticed

Aside from the color itself, you’ll want to think about whether you’re choosing a solid-color option or something with a pattern on it. Patterns can get you noticed, and they can even be part of a theme. For example, if you typically dress in a certain style, you might want to look for a pattern that’s reminiscent of that in some way. You can also choose something that’s unexpected, as a way to surprise your friends or family members. There are a lot of options for patterns.

A Bathing Suit Should be Sized Comfortably

No matter what kind of suit you choose, remember that women’s bathing suits come in several different sizes. These sizes can vary by the brand you choose, too. Buy a suit that fits your body, regardless of what size it is. It’s just a number on a tag, and you want to be comfortable in the suit you choose. Bathing suits that are too tight or too loose can really ruin your fun, so make sure you find one that’s going to feel good for longer than the few minutes it takes to try it on. You’ll be glad you did.