In this week’s Sunday Style section, New York Times writer Eric Wilson writes about the seemingly sudden rise of a handful of fashion bloggers, namely Bryan of the funny blog Bryan Boy, Tommy Ton of the dope photo blog Jak and Jil, and Tavi, a 13-year-old wunderkind of the blog Style Rookie (if you haven’t checked these out, get to clicking!). He says, “Fashion bloggers have ascended from the nosebleed seats to the front row with such alacrity that a long-held social code among editors, one that prizes position and experience above outward displays of ambition or enjoyment, has practically been obliterated.” The article goes on to interview everyone from prominent publicists to established editors–and it seems everyone has an opinion.
Notoriously tough publicist Kelly Cutrone says, “There has been a complete change this year. Do I think, as a publicist, that I now have to have my eye on some kid who’s writing a blog in Oklahoma as much as I do on an editor from Vogue? Absolutely. Because once they write something on the Internet, it’s never coming down. And it’s the first thing a designer is going to see.” Meanwhile the editors at longstanding magazines are none too happy, with Anne Slowey of Elle dismissing young Tavi as being a ‘bit gimmicky’. Let the claws come out!
Bloggers have even felt the heat, with Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil relaying his discomfort via Twitter back in September while attending fashion shows. He said, “So I’m sitting front row at Dolce and I’m sitting next to Hamish Bowles and one seat away from Anna Wintour…I’m kind of getting some funny looks as to why I’m here. It’s very surreal.” Earlier at another show, he says, “I thought I was sitting next to Mario Testino but when he saw that he was seated next to a blogger, he got up and left :(” Ouch.

Jak and Jil Paris Fashion Week the Fashion Bomb Spring 2010

Whatever lukewarm welcomes they may receive, hats off to Bryan Boy, Tommy Ton, Tavi, et al for all they’ve accomplished and for trailblazing for other Fashion Bloggers patiently waiting in the wings! With publications like Elle and Vogue laying off rather than nurturing new talent, young people need an outlet to flex their fashionable skills. In Bryan and Tavi’s case, the audience doesn’t care about their years of experience, but rather their sheer enthusiasm for fashion and how they use what they see on the runway to inform their personal styles. I definitely see them as inspirations and proof that with enough hard work anything is possible.


Read the rest of Eric Wilson’s excellent article here.

*Thanks Jonathan!

*First Picture: From Left: Cathy Horyn, Michael Roberts, Bryan Boy, Sally Singer, Anna Wintour, Hamish Bowles, Tommy Ton front row at the D&G show in Milan. Second Picture: Prominent Fashion Bloggers including Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and Susie Bubble of Style Bubble. Third Picture: Tavi of Style Rookie. Fourth Picture: Tommy Ton and Phil of Street Peeper at Paris Fashion Week. Fifth Picture: Moi et Bryan Boy at the BCBG Max Azria show in NYC last season.

6 thoughts on “The New York Times Catches on to the Impact of Fashion Bloggers”

  1. Wow, it’s great to hear about the power of fashion bloggers like you and me. It is the reason why I keep on posting – I know that people like reading what’s on in fashion without beating around the bush and without all these stupid connections that rule the fashion world. It’s just business after all. Anyway, fashion bloggers can see the pure fashion essence and describe it in their posts. Once again, thanks for sharing!

  2. Look at who they are “picking” out of all the fashion bloggers. People that resemble them! It’s so stupid! So many different personalities and perspective on fashion out here in the blogshere but they pick out bloggers that look like they are already in the industry. Who embrace and emulate what’s already out there. None of the bloggers that they are “hand picking” to give a lot of press stray from the typical high fashion formula. No diversity! Once again the powers-that-be in the industry are trying to control who they celebrate and recognize in the fashion blogging community. Total B.S.

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