Good Morning Neighbors!!!
I’m finally functioning after my whirlwind trip to the West Coast. The California weather was absolutely lovely–as were the people! My trip seemed super duper short…I’ll have to go out there again and stay a little longer. But enough about me…I’m sure you’re wondering how the Meet & Greet went…
It was, in a word, fabulous! Check out a few pictures:


Fashion Bomb readers Vanessa and Tearra put together the mother of all Meet & Greets! They coordinated a performance by R& B artist Barsheem, an artistic exhibition highlighting paintings by Synthia Saint James (think Cosby show), and a three part fashion show featuring LA Designers Tracy Grimes, Pinky Rose, and DeliseAna …all for little old me!!
Thankfully, lots of LA urban fashionistas made the trek out to Pinky Rose to enjoy the festivities:
Lori of the blog Lipstick, Lace, and Brass Knuckles brought a friend to come and say ‘hey’. They looked California cool in their print dresses and brightly colored shoes…

These LA hotties represented the West with a fashion potpourri of mini and maxi dresses worn with metallic flats…
These ladies mixed casual and chic with two friends wearing stilettos, while another opted for a more relaxed look…
With prints on tops and dresses, these divas look ready for a day at the beach…
Exotic prints seemed to be a burgeoning trend, with these friends opting for zebra and leopard print accessories, tights, and shoes…
..and even a few LA guys rolled through, one wearing a Marc Jacobs T-Shirt (featuring Dita Von Teese) with bubble gum pink sneaks, the other sporting stylish red sunglasses and a cute pooch.
Of course I had to jump in a few!
(From Left) Designer Delise’ Ana, Fashion Bomb super reader Tearra, moi, and FB Super Reader # 2 Vanessa…
We had to take a picture with the delightful Synthia Saint James…
Snapped a quick pic with R&B artist Barsheem (check him out at
And yours truly with the owner of Pink Rose Boutique, Pinky (note the Synthia Saint James Painting in the background).
It was the bomb!!!
There are so many people I want to thank!
Thanks to Pieces Boutique in Brooklyn for providing my Tibi Dress and earrings, Rosario at Oh My Nappy Hair for the crimped ‘do, and Kelly at MAC Cosmetics at the Beverly Center for the makeup.
Thanks to Vanessa and Tearra for coordinating such a great event. I’m sincerely touched! Thanks to Barsheem for your amazing performance, designers Tracy Grimes and DeliseAna for providing such great fashion, Synthia St. James for your artistry, and Hint Beverages for refreshments. Thanks to Pinky Rose for providing a venue!!!
And THANKS to all of you, friends (shout out to Jamie, Kelley, Taylor, Caleb, Catarina, Tina) and readers who came out to make the Fashion Bomb’s first non-NYC event such a success!! We’re just getting started…
Stay tuned on Facebook or Myspace for pictures, videos, and more about the designers and artists featured at the Meet & Greet.
Until then…
PS Someone asked me if I was on tour (i.e. if I was doing this in other cities). I actually hadn’t thought of it, but why not??? I think my next stop must be my hometown of ATL. We’ll do it big and get crunk (fashionably of course)!

27 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb’s LA Meet & Greet!!!”

  1. Hey Claire!

    The LA Meet & Greet Looked Fab!

    Let me know if you ever want to do a Toronto M&G… The Toronto Fashionista's would love you!


  2. Hi Claire!

    It was so nice meeting you and coming out to the meet and greet. Thank you so much for linking my blog as well! I was so excited to come out to an event and hope when I make it to New York this fall to just happen to catch one. Take Care and have a safe trip back!

    As I said at the event, I have been reading your blog for a while and love how far it has come along and am looking forward to seeing where it will go in the future.


  3. Hey Claire,

    The meet + greet looked so fun! Good job!

    Of course coming to Nashville should be one of your tour stops, when you start your tour.

  4. Looks like it was a success!

    When you decide to fashion bomb in Atlanta you better take me with


  5. yes – please tour !!
    Come to Boston ( it’s lame I know ) but your loyal readers who are stuck here would love to have you

  6. you look amazing! looks like your trip to la was a huge success, too. congrats lady!

  7. Claire,
    You look absolutely fabulous in these pictures! Keep on doing what you do; I can’t even begin to describe how you’ve helped me out!

  8. Wish I was there! It looked like you guys had a blast! Loved your dress and makeup, of course.

    p.s. I think that was a Dita Von Teese Marc Jacobs tee. :D

  9. Claire,

    Pleaseeeeee tell me where you got your dress from? I’m from NYC.

    Loves it!!!

  10. Congrats on the success of your LA Meet and Greet!

    As I scrolled down the photos, I noticed my long lost friend Patricia a.k.a Patti!

    Hopefully she or someone that knows her reads this. If so please contact me on myspace at url below.

    Thanks and continue to “Enjoy every aspect of life stylishly!”

  11. Oh you must you must come to Atlanta. I am a native and live in Atlanta (a rarity these days) and love your blog and of course I love fashion and beauty. Please keep us posted. What high school did you attend in Atlanta? I went to Avondale High and Towers High. Yes Decatur.

  12. omg I loveeeee pinky rose…my mom and I go there all the time…I wish I could have been there for that =/

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