Hey Guys!
So if you follow me on Twitter, you’d know that I had to cut Mail Bombs a bit short because my homie Charles invited me to an evening show for Maison Martin Margiela:

Margiela Paris Fashion Week

Right before I got in, I saw camera bulbs go off, and a flash of blond hair. I knew Rihanna was in the bulding!

The show in Bercy was hot–literally. I loved Margiela’s signature strong shoulders, as well as his alienesque trench coats and dresses that seemed as if they had growths coming out of the stomach–pix to come!

After the show, I sidled up to the front row and took a pic with Rihanna’s best friend Melissa:

The Fashion Bomb Margiela Melissa

She said she was enjoying her first fashion week in Paris and that she would check on the Fashion Bomb since she’s on the internet, “all the time.

Next, I had to grab a pic with Rihanna herself:

The Fashion Bomb Rihanna Margiela Claire Sulmers


Ok guys, I really thought we’d just take a picture and get it over with, but Rihanna stopped and chatted with us after I told her how much The Fashion Bomb loves her edgy style.
Quite a night of Fashion + Rihanna!
Next time I’ll get her on video. What questions would you like to ask her?