Hey Guys !
So it’s men’s fashion week in Paris, and though we really don’t cover menswear, I found myself at the Louis Vuitton show today in the 19th arrondissement. I was just chillin, chillin, minding my business, when I saw Pharrell walk in!!

I love me some Pharrell. Love, love, LOVE!!! So of course I had to say wassup.
He shook my hand and told me I had nice skin. I snapped a couple twitpics, took a pic of him with my very well dressed friends from the blog Montaigne Street, then jumped in one myself.

I almost died.
He was there with Lupe Fiasco, who was super cool as well. Lupe said he didn’t really read blogs, but took my card and said he would check us out.

Ah…that’s enough excitement for one day! I might go out to a party tonight…at any rate, follow me on Twitter for the blow by blow!
More pix and scoops to come:)