Oh Wow guys.

So I’ve been super busy all day, haven’t checked much online (my bad) but was juiced when my friend told me that the Fashion Bomb was a finalist for the Black Weblog Awards!!!!


I took a look at the roster. Seems The Fashion Bomb is a finalist for Best Style and Fashion Blog…and Blog of the Year?!?!


I’m so happy to be in the finals!!! But you know what would be sweeter? A win! Ha!
Please do click here and cast your votes yet again. Seems they’ll have a winner by September 4th: Just in time for Fashion Week! Eek! With that said…

Love you guys, thanks for all your votes:)
Pssst: For this round, you actually can’t vote for me without voting in other categories. Stumped? I highly recommend voting for What Would Thembi Do for ‘Blog to Watch‘ and Young, Black, and Fabulous for ‘Best Gossip Blog‘.
*Will you be in line for Comme des Garcons for H&M???
I don’t think I’ll be braving the crowds for this one.

3 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb is a Finalist for the Black Weblog Awards!!!!! + Fashion News”

  1. Love the coat I’m not to sure about the dress. maybe if it was on a model that didnt look psyco

  2. I also wanted everyone to vote for “Yeah…I said it” for best Humor blog and personal blog. Take a look at it!

  3. Miss Claire!!! I am so proud of you, as you truly have the best blog EVER. Since stumbling across your webpage I’ve found a home, you provide insightful answers for everything I’ve ever wondered about in fashion…(is this in season, where can I get the look for less, what was she thinking?). I will surely pass the word along and you deserve this award. I hope to see you at an event sometime soon, my schedule has hindered me from meeting you at the previous ones, but I check TFB daily. Keep it up!

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