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So for the beginning of my Black History Month series and also for the rest of Fashion Week, I decided it would be cool to give you guys updates on a few of the designers I covered last year. Today, you’ll get the scoop on menswear designer Jeffrey Banks in my Black History Moment at the bottom of the post.
Until then, I’m sure you’d like to know about the Tracy Reese show, so I’ll indulge.
I went to the venue on Sunday…


…and promptly took my seat–front row!!!
The collection began, and it was refreshing. While most collections I’ve seen have used pretty boring pallettes–khakis, beiges, and browns–Tracy brought a bit of spring into fall with bright floral prints of oversized baby blue roses and rhododendron on dresses of chiffon. She kept it exciting with ethnic patterns of fuchsia, blue, and yellow, and aptly mixed textures, prints, and fabrics–think velvet and lace, satin and wool, and sequins with taffeta. The air was playful, yet proportions of knee length skirts, oversized coats and draped cardigans suggested a certain seriousness:

A few of my favorite looks:
I literally oohed when I saw the tweed bomber and the matching tweed wide legged pants; the strapless dress had great colors and was well constructed; the sheath dress was also alluring and sophisticated with great embellishments. And A + for the berets!
I caught the final walk:

…and of course couldn’t leave without taking a pic with the hot celebs in the house…
..Angela and Vanessa Simmons!!! These girls were extremely nice and graceful, and didn’t care when I asked to retake the picture (Vanessa was looking away in the first one).
This time I remembered to give ’em a card. Hopefully they’ll read the Fashion Bomb today!
The show was great, but I LOST MY COAT. Can you believe it?!? I left my CUTE black French Connection Trench Coat on my chair to go take a picture, and when I returned–pouf, gone! First, why would anyone take my jacket? Second, why would anyone take my jacket?!?!?! So I had to go home in the cold. Hopefully it turns up. I rarely lose anything, so this one’s going to drive me nuts!
With that, I leave you.

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*Reader Keitha wanted to know, “Are the fashion shows from Fashion Week being televised?
Hey! They are indeed televised, check out the website www.fashiontelevision.com for information. In case you want to catch a video during your lunch break, you can also view videos of backstage and more online at www.coutorture.com and nymag.com. Fashion Week all at the click of a button:)

*I’ve been taking an unofficial ‘ethnic model’ count. Every show I’ve been to has had at least one, and if there is one, it’s usually Chanel Iman. Seems Bethann’s complaints have been heard. Kudos to the designers for stepping it up!
*Thanks R!
*Like my jacket? It’s from Pieces. It’s my new obsession!
…are the new ‘Go International’ designers for Target [Oh Joy]

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  1. Angela looks Great! I love he new hair-do and the dress, I love her! Venessa’s make up is nice. Sorry about your jacket… I can relate, I lost my jacket(well it fell behind the seating arrangement) at a R.Kelly concert and had to walk all the way to the car in the COLD. lol

  2. the orange/red cape/let you have on is FIERCE…who’s it by?…can you try and take a fully body shot of yourself everytime, so that we can see what your rockin to every event/show for fashion week!

  3. The term ‘ethnic model’ literally kills me. Everyone has an ethnicity. The word ethnic is usually used in ignorant way like something had an ‘ethnic flair’, what if non-white models were caused just that.

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