Hey Bombshells, it’s that time of year again. All throughout the year, we’ve received submissions and nominations from women all over the world looking to be featured as our Fashion Bombshell of the Day, and now we want to hear from you. Tell us who you think should take the title and be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Year. Here are the nominees (in no particular order).

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Chioma from Nigeria

Nothing short of fabulous, this Bombshell doesn’t shy away from bold colors or fabrics. Her style is cultural yet eclectic. Whether she is rocking a blazer and pants or a cocktail dress, she is always serves an interesting silhouette accompanied with great accessories and textured fabrics.


She remains very girly even when she is dressed down. This Bombshell style is uniquely sexy.

Tatyana from New York

Her style is glamorous, sophisticated and flirty. Her signature hairstyle adds an edginess to her girly attire.

Sammy from Miami

Her style eludes everything that’s Miami, vibrant colors, lightweight fabrics and bomb accessories.

Toy from Texas

Her style is sporty, yet girly and edgy. One statement piece becomes the focal point of her looks, followed by bomb complimentary accessories. This allows for many different looks to be created from the same wardrobe.

Chrissy from Los Angeles

Her style current and chic. You can count on her rocking the latest trends.

Hilary from New York

Hilary says, “I’m a New Yorker who loves to do the absolute most with my style. I love taking risks and having fun with fashion. My goal is to inspire women to try new things and to get comfortable with the uncomfortable! “

Alicia from New York

Alicia’s style is youthful, vibrant and fun. Her looks seem to be put together very intentionally, using her environment as inspiration.


While many of her pieces are classic pieces such as the blazer, the color combinations and accessories keeps her style fresh and exciting. 

Dominique from Chicago

Her style is tomboy chic and avantgarde. This Bombshell creates unique silhouettes and one of a kind looks by layering different pieces.


Whether she’s dressing up joggers by pairing them with high end items or rocking denim jeans with dresses, this Bombshell shows the benefits of having interchangeable items in your wardrobe.

Taylor Nicole

Fresh, fly and flirty are 3 words to describe her style. Even when dressed in joggers, she keeps it sexy by showing a little skin and remaining polished.

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