We truly adore and appreciate our Fashion Bomb Daily readers. Your feedback and interaction on our website and social media pages fuels our agenda and keeps motivating us to produce great content.

In a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Day, we highlight the personal style and flair of Fashion Bomb Daily readers from across the globe. Through emails and nominations, each day we crowned a new bombshell. As difficult as it was, we narrowed down our top candidates. In no particular order, here are our nominees for Fashion Bombshell of the Year:

  1. Raha from New York (@Rahaeurop)

Raha is a young fashion model with a quirky and unique outlook on fashion and clothes. Her outfits are one of a kind. Raha writes, “If I were to describe my style, first I would have to describe how I view clothing. I love pieces that accentuate waist definition and allow me to accessorize whether it be with belts, layering or just implementing items I’ve thrifted.

2. Lariqua from Colorado (@Veryflyohmy)

Lariqua’s style is girly and sassy. She chooses bold accessories as her focal point. She writes, “Fashion is a form of art to me and I use my style to paint my personality. My style is bold, chic, & glam.

3. Allison from LA (@AllisonElizabethbrown)

Allison creates balanced silhouettes with her long skirts, furs and her beautiful big hair. She wrote, “My style is ‘Brown Paper Vogue’. Lol. I mix couture pieces with stuff I make or buy anywhere.

4. Rachelle from Texas (@therachellegray)

When asked to describe her style, Rachelle said, “My style is very becoming with an editorial fun flare. I like to be unpredictably innovative and timeless.

5. Tempos from Texas (@dipped_in_hunney)

Her wardrobe is full of rich colors and lush fabrics. Tempos describes her style as, “Dark glam fashion. It’s a mix of punk, trends, and old Hollywood.” she says.

From the sassy southern swag in Texas to the eclectic flare from the streets of New York, each of these bombshells have different styles .

6. Ann from DC (@ann.wynn)

If we were currently living in the 90’s, Ann would be an icon living. Ann writes, “I love mixing vintage + mod and I’m totally a maximalist and color lover who loves being extra.”

But now its time to cast your vote. Which of these bombshell’s blew you away?