Our Fashion Bomb Daily readers mean the world to us, and its not just the ladies who keep us poppin.

Fashion Bomber of the Week is a feature that highlights the singular style of our male readers. From added hints of androgynous style, to dapper distinguished suits, all year the fellas have been pushing the fashion envelope. In no particular order, here are the nominees for Fashion Bomber of the Year:

  1. Chris from Rochester (@c.sumner.style)

With rich colors and great tailoring being his M.O. Chris says, “The only rule in fashion is staying true to your personal image. You wear the clothes, never let them wear you.”

2. Jonathan Slocumb from LA (@iamjonathanslocumb)

Jonathan describes his style as a “mixture of classic and urban contemporary.” He isn’t afraid to take fashion risk, and it shows in the prints and color choices of this 61 year old Fashion Bomber.

3. Kasim from Texas (@icegawwd)

Kasim is a young photographer from Texas who uses his photography skills to his advantage when it comes to putting together his own looks. He describes his style as “preppy with an urban flare”.

4. Paul from Philadelphia (@thee_urban_gent)

Paul is a stylist who adds edginess to tailored suits and classic looks. He believes “an outfit speaks before you do”. What does his look say to you?

5. Dominic from Los Angeles (@griztriz)

Another fearless Fashion Bomber and contender is Dominic from Los Angeles. Full of bright colors and interesting silhouettes, he describes himself as adding a quirky spin to fashion.

6. Orain from New York (@originalorain)

Orain has a very versatile look. He can give street swag or switch it up for a more refined and cultured look. He says that he nurtures a passion for fashion and loved to stand out since he was young. 

Each bomber has a unique style. You can always visit their instagram accounts for more photos.

Now its time to let us know, which bomber blew you away?