So Drake’s new album, Scorpion, recently dropped! And in addition to launching a host of hot songs, it has also spurred a dance craze, initiated by IG star and dancer @TheShiggyShow:

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After blessing the ‘Gram with his interpretive dance (which includes mostly freestyle moves, plus emotive gestures for ‘Do you Love Me’ and ‘Are you Riding?’ , it seems everyone has hopped onto the #InMyFeelings Challenge. In the midst of dusting off my dance moves, I uncovered these ten that seriously stole the show:
1. Lala and the Fam

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Lala hit the pool with friends, family, and kids doing her interpretation in a Gucci logo top and red biker shorts. Yes to the gratuitous booty shaking!

2. Ciara and Russell Wilson

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Ciara is known for her dance moves, so it’s no surprise she dipped it down low for her try at the #InMyFeelings Challenge while on vacation in South Africa. Hubby Russell Wilson looks very pleased with her take!

3. Odell Beckham JR

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OBJ represented for the fellas, stepping out of his car on a mountainous cliff to break it down.

4. Dani Leigh

Dani Leigh had one of the best dances out of the non celeb set. She raised the bar by doing the dance while her car was still in motion. She’s a Bombshell!

5. David Moore TV

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@DavidMooreTV did it for the teens in a neon shirt and sneaks. A+ for originality and creativity!

6. TSNooah

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Do the Shiggy in the desert! Yes to the crop top and those orange camo pants!

7. Lonnie Bee

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I love Lonnie Bee and adored his energetic offering. Way to slay!

8. Uncle Azeez

On the go, but still want to do the challenge? Uncle Azeez lit up the aisle on a plane. This was hilarious.

9. The Robin B

The Robin B not only killed the dance, but her outfit is super cute! Hand over that colorblock crop top!

10. Homer Simpson

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Even cartoons are getting in on the fun. @Homaogosh0. A drunk homer Simpson takes the cake for animated characters, but the challenge lives on…

I’m about to do some stretching and see if I can get my friends to do one this weekend.
Who do you think had the best #InMyFeelings Dance?