Fashion Bomb Daily has been in the fashion business for 14 years, and have documented the journey of innumerable designers from beginner to blowing up! In 2017, we decided to launch, a marketplace for designers we believe in, to use our platform to help them achieve their dreams. Two of those designers are Shanita Denton of S. Denton Collection (read more about her here) and Oyemwen of Shop Oyemwen (read more about her here).

The Atlanta based Bombshells are one woman shows, creating garments for legions of customers almost single handedly! Through Fashion Bomb Daily shop, their work has been able to be placed in front of a larger audience of fashion consumers, stylists and celebrities!

The other night, we grabbed dinner in Atlanta to celebrate our continued collaboration and growth. In case you were wondering about the faces behind the brands, here they are!

For the night, we all wore of course!

Shanita wore a pair of her chic gold sequined jeans. Oyemwen wore one of her fabulous party dresses. And I wore a host of FBDshop designers, including a Madam Mystique top, Sai Sankoh pants, and Bruce Glen Baller bag, and Sybgco Shoes.

There’s a lot of talk about supporting independent designers. We’re about action.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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