Disposable contact lenses are just single-use lenses that you can remove and dispose of after the end of each day. This means that you can use a fresh pair of contact lenses each morning. Daily contacts are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and practitioners for their convenience and health benefits. Daily contact lenses are the ones that you can replace daily, weekly, or even monthly depending on the brand. This article discusses the best ways you can wear daily contact lenses. 

Putting in daily contact lenses

Before you decide to put in daily contact lenses, it’s a good idea to wash your hands using soap and then rinse and dry the hands with a towel. You should also make sure that the contact lens is not inside out. You can do this by placing the contact lens on your finger and then holding it so that you expose the lens to the light. 

Ideally, if the edges of the lens flare out, then it’s inside out. Remember that some indicator lenses can have 1,2, and 3 indicators, so ensure that the digits are not backward. Instead, it needs to appear like a bowl that has straight edges.

You should also use your right hand to gently hold the upper eyelid, but don’t allow the eyelashes to get in the way or don’t blink. Then you can carefully pull down the lower eyelid using the other fingers. 

Lastly, you can move the daily contact lens toward the eye. You should look upward while putting the lens on the eye, slowly let go of the eyelid and close the eye to allow the contact lens to settle. 

The length of time you can wear daily contact lenses

Daily wear contact lenses can be safely and easily disinfected for reuse at least two weeks to a month before you decide to dispose of them. You should note that daily wear contact lenses are designed for you to wear during the day only. However, you can choose to reuse them for up to a month

It’s always important to consult your eye doctor and check with the manufacturer of the contacts to know the ideal wear time. This is because not all contact lenses can be reused for at least a month. 

That said, you cannot sleep with these contact lenses. Hence, when you remove the contact lenses, you need to clean and disinfect them with the cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer and your eye doctor.

These contact lenses are also made up of complex materials that can be mixed with protective layers of synthetic materials. This makes them resistant to the build-up of germs, protein, bacteria, and debris that happens while wearing contact lenses. 

Also, the materials of the contact lenses are designed to make it easier for you to clean and disinfect them without breaking down the composition of the lens material. In short, these contact lenses are similar to porcelain, so you can clean, rinse, and disinfect them.