With 2019 slowly drawing to a close, the fashion houses are already looking towards 2020 and showcasing some of the biggest trends that are yet to emerge. In the world of men’s streetwear, there are both familiar and new trends that you can start to incorporate into your wardrobe if you’re hoping to stay ahead of the game. 

As we head into early 2020, here are some of the streetwear trends that you can invest in before the summer season arrives.

Oversized puffer jackets 

The puffer jacket is a streetwear staple, forming many outerwear collections with its unique padded style. Traditionally with a shorter length, the winter season has deemed it acceptable to elongate your favourite quilted coat and create an oversized longer design.

Seen at the likes of Balenciaga and Off-White, oversized puffer jackets are the next step for the ever-evolving streetwear industry. The general consensus here is bright shades and patterns, offering something exciting in the midst of grey and dark weather. With floor-grazing styles, this is certainly a bold move, but if Virgil Abloh is doing it then it must be good.

Distressed knitwear 

Another perfect trend while the cold weather is still lingering in early 2020, distressed knitwear is the ideal blend of practical seasonal dressing with a streetwear edge. Sweaters, knitted jumpers and cardigans have fallen victim to the torn, shredded look to create a fascinating influence of both grunge and streetwear.

Seen at Vetements and Balmain, distressed knitwear was teamed with oversized tees and bomber jackets to create a seasonal layered look. Other knitwear trends this season included illustrated sweaters, with logo-emblazoned designs and graphic prints taking centre stage.

Cargo trousers 

Part of the utilitarian trend that works perfectly amongst streetwear styes, cargo trousers made a huge comeback across designers like Fendi, Stella McCartney, Dries Van Noten, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton. 

Complete with drawstring ties, large pockets and earthy tones, this year’s cargo trousers are inspired by workwear but made much cooler. Styled with shirts, knitwear and tees, it seems cargo trousers have become a versatile design and a great alternative to your usual denim choices. 

Cross-body bags

While they have become more common in recent seasons, cross-body bags for men are becoming a little more mainstream than previously. A practical addition to your outfit, the cross-body bag is the perfect masculine accessory. 

Often styled with a small knot in the strap to bring it closer to the body, you can store your own wallet and phone in style. At Off-White, built-in cross-body bags were found teamed with the aforementioned oversized puffer, resulting in the ultimate streetwear look for 2020.

Image: @Diggzy