The best rain jacket yet is the one you possess, or so they say. Nonetheless, a good jacket does no good if it is hanging in your home and gathering dust. Therefore, a rain jacket must be lightweight and easily packable to carry wherever you go. 

You don’t want a surprise downpour to find you unprepared without a raincoat. But beyond the functionality of the rain jacket, women also tend to like the style and would not want to wear something that does not embrace fashion. That differs from one woman to another as style and taste come down to personal preference. 

This article will go through some of the best rain jacket women in 2022. That does not mean they are perfect. Of course, they’ve got their shortcomings and strengths as well. Let’s dive right in, then.

  1. Rains Jacket

The jacket is made with 100% nylon which is post-consumer, meaning it is recycled. It provides a fantastic waterproof and breathable performance throughout the day. 

I always recommend jackets and industries that embrace minimal environmental pollution, like the Rain’s brand. The Rains jacket not only benefits you but also benefits the earth. 

This is the perfect jacket for a day you know it’s going to rain, but you go outdoors anyway.

  1. Burton Veridry 2.5L

Ever had a versatile outfit? Well, here is one. The Veridry can handle any level of moisture while keeping you dry. It has a waterproof and breathability characteristic, making it ready for any weather condition. 

This is one of those jackets you can rock on any weather, whether rain or sunshine. It is perfect for all.

  1. The North Face Antora

The Antora is one of those ” rain goes away, but if you are wet, you have to stay” types of jackets. It has a zipper and hood that allow you to face any condition confidently. 

Apart from being waterproof and breathable, this jacket is also a windbreaker meaning you won’t have to worry about heavy windy rainfall. Therefore, if you are after style and functionality, the Antora is your jacket.

  1. Rain’s Torrentshell 3L

You have probably heard about the Torrentshell 3L and its incredible features. So, don’t let the rain stop you. Just pick up one of these, and you are good to go. The torrent shell is equipped with Rain’s’s 3L H2No performance fabric that will give you the confidence to face any shower or drizzle. 

It has zippers that are storm-flapped and welted and has a zipper that comes up to your chin, making you look like a walking submarine. The best jackets are lightweights, more packable than others, and perfect for emergencies. 

Well, the Torrentshell meets all the requirements. Get yourself one of these.

  1. Outdoor Research Helium for Women

This is a durable, lightweight jacket with a classy style that you can wear anywhere you want and not look out of place. It is a water-repellant and also keeps you warm in cold weather.