Now that everyone is quarantined in the safety of their own homes, we can’t help but wonder how muses and designers are getting their fashion fix, but it wasn’t long before the creativity started to surface. Among the many viral challenges, one in particular that caught our attention was the #pillowchallenge. This consisted of people dressing up wearing pillows! Seems bizarre right? Well it actually turned out to be fabulous and just the kind of spirit fashionistas need during this time.

Check out the best of the #PillowChallenge below:

  1. Tracee Ellis Ross posed for the gram giving us an editorial pose.

2. Nafessa Williams channeled her inner goddess for the pillow challenge.

3. Dencia @Iamdencia slayed the pillow challenge wearing a Hermes pillow and belt paired with Dior shades and Louboutin pumps.

4. Anne Hathaway turned into a butterfly for the pillow challenge.

5. Halle Berry also joined in on the pillow challenge serving body.

6. @Myforteisfashion joined in rockin New Balance sneakers and a Zara belt.

Even the little fashionistas joined in and the cuteness overload is almost too much to handle.

7. Photos posted by @brightbeautifulandbridal

Which one was your favorite? Let us know? Did we miss any notable ones.