“She wore a raspberry beret/ The kind you find in a second hand store/Raspberry beret/ And if it was warm she wouldnt wear much more/ Raspberry beret/I think I love her.” Prince, ‘Raspberry Beret.’

Hey guys,
So I said in an earlier post that I would be the first to join the beret-volution. I could’ve sworn that French inspired beret’s were slowly making a comeback, but I didn’t have concrete proof of my hypothesis, save for a picture of this lady…

And seeing mad old heads sport them on the train.
I finally found examples of this cold weather trend starting to take root in the tents…

And now it seems that Fall 2007 collections are feeling le beret as well:


Sass & Bide
So, you heard it here. Run out and get your beret for $10 from the guy selling hats on the street…before they start selling them for $225 at Saks.
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