The mention of Dior brand raises eyebrows, especially to those that understand its history. The Dior brand is one of the most respected in the world that produces quality shoes for women. The company is known to have continuity in releasing new classic shoes over the years to provide consumers with their taste and demand.

The idea behind Dior shoes was the mastermind of Christian Dior collaboration with iconic designer Roger Vivier, who was the architect of the Dior foundational designs for 10-years during the company early days. The Dior brand produces well-engineered designs that are lavish, while some adorned with unique jewels decorations bringing out the sophistication and accuracy for decoration and form. 


This is an iconic shoe and design that was birthed a couple of decades ago. Since, the inception of this stylish shoe, it has shaped the feminine shoe industry for the design, which in some way other shoe brands have replicated some its features. The shoe’s shape was birthed with few changes like enhancement of the heel where the height was increased from 6 cm to 8 cm. 

After the death of Christian Dior, other styles were incorporated in the family brand deviating a little bit from stiletto style. Some of the new styles that succeeded stiletto’s are the square point-toe box, in fact, after the release, it hit the market with a big bang, and appeared in the Vogue becoming a sensational design and historical. When approaching the year 1960, another inward Schock-heel with a curve was launched. Christian Dior brand is not only renowned with spectacular designers alone, but their outstanding success comes from the shoe quality material that undergoes a high-level process to ensure the outcome is of good quality. 

Pump Women Shoe

The pump is the type of shoe every woman has at one time wore it or has come across. In the last 19th century, d’Orsay pump was a famous shoe which is said to be the design that other brands have copied the style and shape to bring out in their own pump carrying their label. It is a brand that redefined the Christian Dior brand and feminine shoe industry globally. 

It is the release of such designs during the early years of Christian Dior that led individuals like Queen Elizabeth to choose their shoes from the company. The earlier designs were shocking, but with time Christian Dior brand was able to overcome many hurdles along the way. 

Some of the remarkable pumps Christian Dior produced through the iconic designer Roger Vivier, is Black pumps, red pumps, and pink pumps with a pink crepe designed using a laminated silver.

How to Know the Original and Fake Christian Dior Shoe for Women

In every original product, especially from a famous brand, and of high-quality, you will encounter a counterfeit. Apart from pricing, there are several things you need to check when searching for your favorite Dior shoes. First, you should know the Dior brand invests in high-quality materials and quality designs that set them apart from other brands. Therefore, it is not easy to get a replica designed using all the professionalism, science and engineering that goes to the original shoes. 

When looking for Dior brand shoe, you should be keen to ensure you identify the features that define it. One thing to look at is the Dior print, which is very clear and visible. Before making the final decision, verify that the Dior text is indelibly displayed on the midsole box. For women sneakers, be thorough around the heel bump, also analyze the pull tab length and make sure it is not too short. The fabric that is used to design Dior brand shoes is original, firm and sturdy. Therefore, after purchasing the designer shoe of your choice, you are guaranteed to enjoy it for a long time without losing in value and quality. 

What is the Future of Christian Dior Women Shoe?

Women and shoes are inseparable bedfellow. The brand has a history of consistent release of modern designs with varied shapes and taste which shows commitment. And that’s why respected leading ladies like princes Margaret, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy were for years known to have their deep love for Dior shoes. 

The Dior shoes are said to have comfort, well-thought-out style and shape. Regardless of women body size, the building process of the lower part is designed to hold any kind of weight. 


The Dior shoe brand is in recent years expanding to enhance some of its designs while releasing other unique Dior shoes, including boots, flats, sneakers and sandals. One of the things Christian Dior shoe lovers learn as they go for shopping is through his advice, about taking time when selecting their choice shoes. The shoes you wear as a woman reflect your style, mood and personality. It is said that, for you to judge women, look at their feet and check whether they are elegant or not. The choice of shoe speaks volume about a woman and that is why when they understand their taste, it becomes easier to blend from top to bottom.