So the Grammy Awards were last night…
..I was out, so I didn’t get a chance to watch. I heard they were fire!
I had to check out the red carpet for fashion fun…and was a bit disappointed:
Beyonce is unequivocally gorgeous, and impeccably stylish in most cases, but this chiffon sequin concoction screamed “Princesse Barbie” to me.

It seemed more fitting for a girl playing dress up than a superstar.
I also wasn’t extremely excited with sister Solange’s choice…
…the short hem is sexy, but the boxy top half and patchwork details take away from her overall look.
Rihanna was shockingly demure…
…she usually brings it in a show stopping gown in a great color, but this blue dress, while bold, fell flat.
And Alicia Keys….
…looked gorgeous, but something about this navy blue number reminded me of events past…
…I totally ‘get’ going with what you know, but for Ms. Keys, I’d like to see a bit more silhouette variety.
But not all were ‘misses’:
Fantasia is definitely not known for her Fashion sense…
…and therefore I was proud to see her in this super elegant floor length black gown….
…I’ll even cosign her two toned hairdo. This is the closest to class that I’ve ever seen her–Kudos!
I also really liked Corinne Bailey Rae’s choice…
..short, simple and flattering, she shined in this sequined blue cocktail.
My absolute favorite look of the night, at first glance…
…Kelis. Doesn’t she just look bossy? Ok, having the ‘n word’ emblazoned on the back of her jacket is controversial, and a pure publicity stunt for her man…
…but if you can look past that (I know, it’s hard), I’ve got to give it to her. She totally trumped tradition and dress code by wearing pants, but still looks glam in gold topped off with a bright red lip, sunglasses, and a hot haircut. With all the chiffon, tailoring, and updos, Kelis made it work in her own way.
Do you agree?

23 thoughts on “TFB Grammy Review”

  1. eccck i cringe at kelis she is my girl what is she doing. Little by little RiRi is beginning to Take her thrown for fashion mogul.

    Claire i see where you like the fit but at the same time this is a classy event not a cleoplatra movie premeire it looks very costumey, although i am for out the box over the top Fash that was tacky, and i am not feelin the haircut. i think i would have loved it more if she had her crazy poofy hair then it would have been more wild then pieced together.

    as for beyonce Booooo, and that barbie doll pic had me crackin up. How the hell did she make best dressed when i heard jullianna dependi say that i almost burnt myself when i was flat ironing my hair.

  2. I looooooooooooooove Kelis, but she is slowing losing my interest. I can’t overlook the jacket. She can do soooooooooooo much better.

  3. Kelis looked a mess and totally inappropriate for the occasion you can step out of the box and still look glamorous she looks as if she is about to go sit on a stoup in Harlem….Claire you said this was the fashion bomb(as in good) not the fashion boom (as in disaster)

  4. I’m torn over kelis too. when is avant garde just ugly? How far can you push the envelope before looking ridiculous?

  5. I am the only one who feels like I’ve seen Bey in a dress similar to this one before? I’ve had that nagging impression since i saw the Grammy’s yesterday. No one stood out, not even my girl RhiRhi. I was disappointed but oh well…

  6. First of all, I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY w/ Kim. It’s a slow and painful death. Thank God for pretty faces and brickhouse bodies. Anyway, Kelis…where to even begin? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Kelis fan for YEARS and I’ve seen some serious mishaps from her, but this really really does take the cake. Listen, I understand the whole “reappropriation of the n-word” issue and all, and I can accept how followers of this school of thought think, but let’s be clear about this – one thing the n-word is NOT is fashionable. Seeing that label on her back as she strikes a pose and smiles for the camera is like 10 grit sandpaper gliding across my eyeball. Sorry Babe…lost me on this one.

  7. It’s funny how Rihanna and her stylist are copping Kelis’ style (i.e. the short cut circa Kelis Was Here–before Posh even)and getting all the props 4 setting trends. I must admit I’m a Kelis fan (even snagged Wanderland imported) but her look was her look even before she gained a little fame. Kinda like Chloe Sevigny. Anyhoo, I adored Corinne Bailey Rae’s dress more than anything! She made it look effortless and yet no one on tv really gave her any style props. Go figure

  8. Claire Bear, I usually agree with you on everything….but Kelis. I just thought OMG-where is her butt. And then I looked up and saw the N-word and just keep thinking, it’s Black history month people. I just have to say boo to her look. I’m sorry Claire, I just wasn’t feeling it.

  9. i LOVE kelis. so bold and flyy. i’ll overlook the words on the jacket because she was supporting her man and was bold enough to do it.

    rihanna kills it all the time too. i loved her zac polsen dresses.

    i loved solange’s look! she doesn’t get too much credit for some reason, maybe because she’s always in the shadow of big sis but i loved the dress.

    speaking of big sis – i’d like to see beyonce go fun and flirty sometimes instead of cinderella. did not like this dress at all but i love beyonce.

    and lastly, i’ll go out on a limb and co-sign’s fantasia’s hair too. i kinda like it. but not a fan of the dress – would like it in another color.

  10. also, many may not know by these grammy’s but traditionally, grammy’s have been fun and more casual attire. this year, i guess everyone wanted to glam it up. i like the fun and casual for the grammy’s better which is why i’m a fan of those – rihanna, keyshia, solange – who wore fun short dresses instead of gowns.

  11. Ugh, Kelis and her hubby generally pissed me off… did you see their red carpet interview. Hot mess!

    And I used to be her biggest fan pre-marriage…

    Beyonce did look like princess barbie!! LOL

    I loves solange’s dress, maybe juist not on her.

  12. I love what kelis has on… even when she looks a hot mess i still love the girl. her style is so her own and it just screams “I dont give a ****”. I also did a post about her outfit for the Grammy’s and also about his rumored album title for his next release “Nigger”. I love the blog girl, keep up the good work ;-)

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