Telfar is ready to launch the next “it” bag as the brand debuted its new duffle bag at its New York Fashion Week event.

Last year, Telfar‘s shopping bags became one of the hottest “quarantine” items as everyone was at home, shopping online, and more importantly “buying black”. With the three-size “Bushwick Birkin” serving as a coveted item, it became extremely hard to get your hands on one as the bags would instantly sell out upon release. Attempting to combat the bots who were buying the bags in bulk in seconds, the brand soon launched a bag security program as a way to guarantee fans their must-have bags.

Now, Telfar has a new bag on the way in a new shape! The newest Telfar bag takes on the shape of a duffle bag appearing in a cylindrical silhouette with both sides embedded with the brand’s logo. The latest handbag will also come in three sizes (small, medium, and large) in vegan leather like its shopping bags. As of now, designer Telfar Clemens has only shown the black and white versions of the duffle bags, but we speculate that more colors will follow.

In addition to the new bag announcement, Telfar also revealed that it would be launching its own television network through Apple TV known as Telfar TV. The channel will be live for 24 hours a day and comprised of Telfar content from runway shows to fan videos. Once again, the brand continues to emphasize its slogan of “Not for you, for everyone” as all interested parties will be able to view.

During the 24-hour channel, a QR code will pop up randomly for users to purchase the new bags. This latest initiative by Telfar is being used to combat the ongoing bot issue and democratize the brand’s bags to ensure everyone who truly wants the bag receives one. With that being said, Telfar TV releases will not receive public announcements on its social media platform to avoid the prying hands of bots and resellers.

Telfar TV will be available through Apple TV and Roku TV. The newest handbags will be only sold through the television channel.