Happy Monday Bombshells!

Partner site Swagger is currently kicking it in NYC, and sent us this picture of street fashionista Radio Rose:

Radio Rose

Repping NYC, Radio Rose keeps it colorful in a vintage dress, American Apparel cardigan, and Keds sneaks. She looks super cute, but I particularly like her big hair, purse, and earrings:

Radio Rose Swagger

Yes, she’s rocking an earlace that she made herself! What’s chicer than making your own funky accessories? And the nameplate necklace? Done!
What do you think of this edition of Swagger?

5 thoughts on “Swagger Mondays : Radio Rose”

  1. not feeling the hair, but i do love the outfit minus the cardigan. Sorry it’s took hot over her if FL…a cardigan in this weather makes me sweat. Maybe if she she a bright one w/ short sleeves!

  2. it’s really not that hot in NYC right now a sweater is definitely needed at certain times during the day

  3. Radio Rose always looks great and as =o stated, NY weather is tripping right now, I’m glad she was able to pull this out cause I’ve converted back to opaque tights cause of this weather! lol

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