We’re back with Swagger Mondays, where you, dear reader, get to see the best in international street style!
Today the swag surfers bring us Breeny, a chocolate skinned fashionista spotted on Brick Lane Road in London:

Real Street Style London UK

Where to begin?

I’m loving her simple t with a houndstooth design, rockin’ gold dookie chain, single fingerless (purple!) glove, and hip leather jacket. Tousled hair and nude makeup only ups her cool factor!

What do you think?

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15 thoughts on “Swagger Mondays : Breeny from Brick Lane in London”

  1. I am a dark skinned girl…and her skin is flawless and beautiful…freaking love it!!! love everything

  2. I love her skin….what a beauty I am digging her style for days when you don’t wanna be prim and proper….can’t be a priss everyday lol

  3. Her skin is everything. Love the blush stain, the purple glove, jacket, dookie rope and tousled hair. She rocks.

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  5. Not to be raining on peoples parade, but I live in London and this look is seen as tragic over here anot cool.

    She is beautiful in her way but the whold shorditch look is quite scruffy. Not sure it suits you

  6. I agree she is ugly, her face is fat and she looks so blick! I swear she use to b a hoe back in da day

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