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Swagger Paris snapped up a hot shot this weekend of fashionista Andrea, who works for online magazine Dirrty Glam:

Andrea Dirty Glam

Andrea captures the current French essence, rocking a pair of shorts with tights.  This trend is hot like wildfire all over Paris, and I bet it will be coming to USA shores tres soon.

Andrea is the music editor for Dirrty Glam, which is described as “The Magazine Online for Urban Chic.” Check it out!

In the meantime, what do you think of her style?

A few screenshots of Dirrty Glam:

Dirrty Glam Magazine

Dirrty Glam Magazine

Dirrty Glam Magazine

Dirrty Glam Magazine

Looks cute! And lucky you, it looks like they have an English version. Feast your eyes here.

One thought on “Swagger: Andrea from Dirrty Glam”

  1. I’ve seen the trend here all over Detroit. I remember wearing it when I was 5, but I don’t really like the tights and shorts look.

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