So today kicks off our first Beauty Tuesday, where we give you fashionistas the scoop on how to complete your look with makeup, hair, and beauty advice!
On top of Adriana’s fabulous makeup post, we’re also having contributing writer Eileen give us a few tips today on how to keep your straight, wavy, or natural do’s fly for the summertime:


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Hey there all your Beauty/Fashion Bombers!
Summer is right around the corner, so The Fashion Bomb is sharing the best products to keep your hair frizz free, luscious and moisturized on the hottest summer day!

For straight or permed hair:

Summer Hair

For a slick look after a dip in the pool or ocean, make sure you pack Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm ($12, www.carolsdaughter.com).

Carol's Daughter Hair Balm

The rich combination of Soy and Sweet Almond oil leaves hair moisturized, shiny and manageable without the build up. Also don’t forget a smoothing shampoo and conditioner like Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner ($20 each, www.aveda.com):

Aveda’s Smooth Infusion™ Shampoo and Conditioner

The products contain organic aloe, maize and guar bean, tamanu oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein complex–all great ingredients to soften hair, manage frizz, repair and protect your lovely locks!

For natural hair:

Erykah Badu Natural Hair

Make sure to treat your locks, twists and braids with moisturizing products that contain vitamins and natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E. Deep condition weekly with Hamadi Shea Hair Mask ($24 at www.folica.com), which has fabulous 100% organic ingredients like avocado, vanilla, ylang ylang, aloe vera and shea butter.


One fun fact Fashion Bombers… shea butter has natural sunscreen so it protects your strands and scalp from ultraviolet damage.

Curly or Wavy Hair:

Beyonce Wavy Hair

It’s all about pre and post heat treatments for ladies with curly or wavy locks! Use Drop Dead Hair Straightening Baume by Philip B ($24 at www.philipb.com) for pre blow-drys or roller sets:


This non-greasy, water soluble styling aid gives curly or wavy hair a straight, tangle-free, bouncy finish thanks to its pure extracts of Matricaria, Althea and Horseradish.

Finish off all your looks with a lightweight smoothing balm like Bumble and Bumble Defrizz ($15 for 2 oz. at www.bumbleandbumble.com):

Bumble and Bumble Defrizz

Whether you’re curly, natural, or straight this balm creates a barrier against humidity, and can also be used before, during and after styling all hair types to give you soft and silky strands.

Now go forth and get gorgeous!



Well that was fun!

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  1. That was a great post, something different for the Fashion Bomb yet definitely relevant…

  2. I never know what to do with my relaxed hair (especially since weave isn’t an option for me) in the summer because the humidity makes it all frizzy so I hope the Bumble and Bumble Defrizz will solve that problem

  3. I am definitely a fan of Beauty Tuesdays. I plan to try the Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm for after that dip in the pool. Thanks!

  4. Love this post. I am natural and always looking for new products to try. THANKS!!!

  5. LUV Beauty Tuesdays! Such a great idea! But…I’m currently transitioning from relaxed hair to natural so if there are any products you could suggest for us ‘in the middle’ gals, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Sooooo loving the fashion bomb!

  6. Great post. Luv anything having to do with beauty! I haven’t tried the Hair Balm, think I will give it a try now.

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