For me, it all started with Beyoncé in the Single Ladies video:

Beyonce Single Ladies

Three curvaceous, svelte ladies danced it out in nothing more than heels, tights, and a skin clinging black leotard:

Beyonce Single Ladies

They looked scorchingly hot, and it seems in short shrift I began noticing everyone walking around with the ‘no pants’ look:

Lady Gaga No Pants

No Pants Lady Gaga

The fashionable and trendsetting Lady Gaga is a die hard fan.

Sienna Miller No Pants

Sienna Miller has been snapped in the silhouette.

Amber Rose Primal Atlanta

And as we saw in yesterday’s Hot or Hmm, Amber Rose loves ‘no pants’ as well.

The look is unquestionably sexy and recession friendly.  With a bodysuit you can show off your legs with a pair of sheer or patterned tights while saving money on bottoms.

What do you think? Can you see yourself rocking this look?

20 thoughts on “Style Verdict : The No Pants Look”

  1. Hell no! Save that ish for videos and stage performances! Nobody wants to see your ass except your man.

  2. This fad reminds me of the nightmare where you make it all the way to work and realize you’re not wearing pants. Poor Sienna just looks like she forgot hers – It’s not that much of a surprise to see lady gaga or amber rose in it though.

  3. Remember when Eva Longoria did it a few years ago at (I think at the European Music Awards)… That was the first time I remember seeing it. Was that a swimsuit?

  4. Yea for some reason it works on lady gaga & amber rose. Sienna not so much. I really don’t care, if you have the body 4 it, more power 2 u.

  5. This is the funniest trend ever! I really hope not to see anyone in person following this trend, because I know I’ll be doubled over with laughter! No pants are great for performing and being on stage, but going to dinner? No ma’am!

  6. @ Mikele that was a swimsuit and she only did that at the VMAs because they were in Miami that year.

    This trend I am not fond of. For music videos…okay, dance recitals…even better but for people to be walking around in them all willy nilly I totally refuse. This look only works for Lady Gaga because she wears really adventurous things during every outting, even before Beyonce in the ‘Single Ladies’ video. I do believe she wore one in the ‘Just Dance’ video but I am too lazy to go find out lol.

  7. I already said yesterday how I felt about this…. but just for good measure, I’ll say it again: I do NOT understand what people have against pants! If you’re not a dancer and performing on stage… don’t do it… because I will laugh. Right in your face. I won’t even try to pretend.

  8. Why not just put some panties on top of a pair of stocking and walk out the door? There’s nothing wrong with going out in public looking like a street walker. (sarcasm)

  9. This trend is a mess. Beyonce rocked the look in a video but i guarantee she would never be caught out in the street with that single ladies outfit on.

  10. It’s tacky, raunchy, and stank. I’m tired of seeing it. Its already hard enough to walk down the street with out being objectified and harassed by a man. People had the nerve to dress up like that for halloween. Youre walking around in underwear as far as i’m concerned. Have some respect and bring back classy.

  11. That Sienna Miller picture is from around the time of her film Factory Girl, which was in 2006, so I think you could say she started the trend.

  12. I dance so I’m used to wearing a leotard and for extended periods of time, but I might DIE if I wore them outside the studio without sweats or a shirt!

    I DO, however, think Gaga can pull it off though. No one else.

  13. NOOO! i better not see nobody walkin down the street lookin like this…this is form indescent exposure…nobody wants to see you walkin around in your panties/one piece bathing suit(not cute)

  14. Get it bishes!! i love it! I’m not necessarily peering down another woman so it doesn’t bother me… more power to them. IF you have a hot body and feel like rocking the “no pants” look ROCK ON!!

  15. i dont mind the look . but this is not for everyone if your body is tight and right then do your than . that why its called fashion people your not going to like every style out there . you have to find what is right for you and your body type. are you bold are shy . i respect every fashion style out just got to find what works for me . and so do every one else . bey , amber, and gaga there bodys are in shape so they can do this style but if you got rolls any where please dont wear it you will just look sloppy and who-ish. like a street walker and its for going out not every day wear

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