For me, it all started with Beyoncé in the Single Ladies video:

Beyonce Single Ladies

Three curvaceous, svelte ladies danced it out in nothing more than heels, tights, and a skin clinging black leotard:

Beyonce Single Ladies

They looked scorchingly hot, and it seems in short shrift I began noticing everyone walking around with the ‘no pants’ look:

Lady Gaga No Pants

No Pants Lady Gaga

The fashionable and trendsetting Lady Gaga is a die hard fan.

Sienna Miller No Pants

Sienna Miller has been snapped in the silhouette.

Amber Rose Primal Atlanta

And as we saw in yesterday’s Hot or Hmm, Amber Rose loves ‘no pants’ as well.

The look is unquestionably sexy and recession friendly.  With a bodysuit you can show off your legs with a pair of sheer or patterned tights while saving money on bottoms.

What do you think? Can you see yourself rocking this look?