Blond bombshell Amber Rose was peeped in NYC wearing a pair of leopard print spandex pants with a smart navy blazer, white tank, and white sunglasses:

Amber Rose New York Leopard Spandex PantsAmber Rose New York Leopard Spandex Pants

All looks kosher from the waist up–it’s just those pants that are nothing short of cringeworthy.

I’m a fan of spandex under a long tunic or short dress…but as pants? Hmm…
What do you think?

28 thoughts on “Style Verdict: Spandex Pants?”

  1. This look is a definite no. The jacket is cute, but those pants have to go. Too much is looks trashy when presented like this & let’s not even talk about those boots!

  2. not cute…looks played out especially since its the only thing this gurl wears…..please sweety stop

  3. the look doesn’t bother me much… but i do feel like its not day apropriete & i would switch out the boots and opt for heels…. but she has a body to do it && she’s grown so….

  4. haha look at ol boy checkin her out in the back…I prob would wear this look with a longer shirt but I say if she has the self confidence to do it then its cool…whatever floats her boat. I do like the eclectic-ness of the outfit, and I LOVE leopard print…heh heh.

  5. it dosent matter as pants or under a skirt, dosent look thrashy i mean c’mon skin head, dosent look bad at all i wear em all the time, with taller doc martens

  6. I do this all the time as long as there thick spandex no panty line and you have the right curves i don’t see the problem. Guys like it, I’m not naked, everything is covered… so to the women who say no no no your hating leggings are a staple

  7. My wife wears these as pants and attracts a lot of looks in public. In fact, I have been buying them for her for years. The concenses seems to be that most women who think they are inappropriate as pants don’t have the figure for them anyway. Guys like them and women who wear them (with the proper figure and guts to do so) get noticed. I agree with an earlier poster about no panty lines, except for thongs. I think it is hot to be able to see the outline of a thong underneath.

  8. I have the right figure to wear them and do not. The butt looks disgusting in it from the back without any structure and or pockets

  9. Personally, I think she looks amazing because she has the body to pull it off. If you have a nasty butt, or no butt at all… then no. Please don’t wear them if that’s the case. I wear them, and everybody thinks that I look amazing… lol

  10. i like spandex if you got the body for it . amber looks great cause her body is in shape and thats her style thats what makes her different from everyone else. she has to be different and stand out from the crawd to keep making that money. if you got the body go for it if not just find the style that works for you . everyone cant look the same . so i say love it…………….

  11. I absolutely agree with the author, not as pants! So tired of seeing girls appear so damn exposed, put that s*^# up!

  12. Seems shes going for a modern traditional oi skinhead look.
    (No the term skinhead is not exclusive to racists or facists)
    Its a generally punk move to wear combat boots, shaved head and funky animal print pants.
    Im all for it. Being a s.h.a.r.p. trad skin myself.

  13. I bet half of these girls that said something negative don’t have the right body to wear this. Your just mad, everything is covered i see no skin on her legs. Let her be!

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