Trendsetter Rihanna stepped out recently in a new look that even she doesn’t look happy with:

Rihanna Doily Hat

A blue doily like hat set to match her denim strapless dress and blue pumps:

Rihanna Doily Hat

She looks mad, doesn’t she? Granted, she’s probably more upset at the poparrazzi than her stylist, but who knows?

Fashion Forward Lady Gaga is known for rocking with out the box toppers:


Will you be following this trend?

15 thoughts on “Style Verdict : Rihanna’s Doily Hat”

  1. lol @ Jai! my thoughts exactly! I think it works as a fashion statement but nothing that i would suggest anyone outside of being a celebrity try

  2. Great image for a photoshoot, not for real life.

    Still waiting for her to get it back together. Any day now…

  3. Why is she so matchy matchy? The hat is terrible. The blues are too much. And she always looks so sad.

    Lady Gaga’s hat isn’t that awful though.

  4. She’s sad b/c she want to be with Chris Brown but knows she can’t without all of us talking about her (like we’re talking about her shiteous hat)

  5. I love this outfit!!! Get it Rihanna! Does anyone know where both her hat and shoes come from?

  6. Love it! As someone stated its a look most would not recreate outside of a runway of fashion shoot, but she is bold enough to carry it off. That’s really the bottom line when you are making a big statement like that… Just be bold and work it!

  7. That looks like a hot, steamy mess. Now I am not a huge fan of the denim dress/shoes but that Whitney would say hell to the nah.

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