Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is known for her distinct fashion sense, as she manages to fabulously mix corporate with chic, rocking pencil skirts and cardigans with the flyest frocks, bags, and shoes:

Tracee Ellis Ross Fashion

Tracee Ellis Ross fashion

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10 thoughts on “Style Inspiration : Tracee Ellis Ross”

  1. Tracee has the best style. It’s so effortlessly fab!

  2. She’s great; I love her! She’s never tried to wear anything that screams “I think I’m still 21!”, like we’ve seen so many “older” celebrities do.

  3. She has been my style icon for years. Even as Joan on Girlfriends her style was authorative and sexy.!!! That is grown woman style for real!!

  4. I think she has the best style. It looks natural and wearable. I love how she makes conservative look sexy. She is my style inspiration.

  5. Tracee’s style is admirable, but I was more of a fan of Joan Clayton’s fashion. Is the fashion bomb willing to do a post inspired by this oh so stylish t.v character? I’d so appreciate it!

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