Wesleyan graduate, songwriter, and artist Santigold boasts more than an impressive résumé and hip shaking beats! The Philly native also has an inimitable style, characterized by large bamboo earrings, tongue in cheek t-shirts, and flashes of exotic prints:

Santigold Style Inspiration

Get her around the way funky look by mixing laid back cool with sequined heels, tuxedo jackets, and leather:

Style Inspiration Santigold

Channel her chic with these:

2 thoughts on “Style Inspiration : Santigold”

  1. I like her music not so much her style, and her name is Santogold with an ‘O’ I believe.

  2. Love her music and her style!
    And FYI, according to my research, “In February 2009, Santogold changed her stage name to Santigold, as a result of infomercial jeweller Santo Gold threatening legal action.”
    Wikipedia isn’t the best resource, but hey:

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