“This is the day I lay in a pre-op room of a hospital, staring at the brightly lit ceiling, being prepped for gastric bypass surgery. I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. I was so angry: How had I allowed myself to get to 307 pounds? I could clearly remember the days when I’d considered myself fly and curvaceous. Funny—or sad—how we “thick” girls can justify being excessively overweight.”–Excerpt from Star Jones Reynolds’ Essay in Glamour Magazine

Hey Guys,
So for this week’s Style File, I chose a pretty unusual suspect…

Star Jones

…Star Jones!
Whether you blame the gastric bypass or her new show on Court TV, Star has been representing lately in smart, tailored outfits that could work for any career girl with flair. Let’s take a look:
For press junkets and more casual affairs Star keeps it cute and corporate in embellished cardigans…

…svelte v-neck sweaters andA-line skirts…

…and chic belted shirt dresses…

When she really has to dress it up, she rocks handkerchief dresses with exotic prints (I’ll pass on the shoes)…

…floral numbers…

or long, flattering black cocktails frocks with..

..or without…

Her signature burgundy specs.
C’mon! Cute!
Want to channel your inner star? Try the following:

Top Row: Da Nang Carafe Silk Shirt Dress, $194, www.fashionchateau.com; Embroidered Floral Cardigan, $50, www.whitehouseblackmarket.com
Bottom Row: Merino wool ribbon-front v-neck sweater vest, $38, www.victoriassecret.com; Carla Long Dress in Black, $175, www.labelspree.com.
Of course can’t forget the hot frames!
These $269 Bulgari frames from Lenscrafters have a ‘Star’ effect…

…but if they’re too pricey, this $109 pair of Tamara Frames by BCBG could work…

Still too much? Slide on these Calabria Readers

…for only $32!
You’re office ready!
PS Still not convinced?
Remember the old days….

She’s come a long way baby! Don’t you think?

News, sales, what nots:
*There’s an article today in the New York Times on Star. An excerpt, “Ms. Jones led the premiere of her own show on Court TV and was almost unrecognizable after gastric bypass surgery left her about 150 pounds lighter. Her streamlined new look includes a pageboy haircut, plain sleeveless dresses and modish eyeglass frames.” Read more here.

*WWD reports that Venus Williams will have her own line, called EleVen, in Steve & Barry stores starting in November. Why EleVen? “It was part of my address growing up in Compton. It also represents the top, because people always say, one out of 10, but it’s an 11. You can be more than your best in EleVen.” Suuuuure. Can’t wait till November? To celebrate the launch of the collection, 100 pairs of her Court sneakers will be available at the Steve & Barry Manhattan Mall store on Friday. First come first serve!

*And, just for fun, see how Venus would spend $1.4 million dollars.

*Also check out Boutique Finesse’ sidewalk sale this weekend:

Click to enlarge
You’ll be glad you did!

14 thoughts on “Style File: Star Jones”

  1. Very nice, I think she looks really good now, especially that cute hair cut and color. The only thing is her neck area always looks so strained now, it looks like it hurts.

  2. The two things that I am glad she is finally doing is wearing better bras that uplift her pancakes and loosing that bobblehead effect she had going on for a while…

  3. I agree with pretty girl on the neck thing, but yes, otherwise she does look great. I am happy for her weight loss, despite the way she lost it. At least she’s keeping it real now…I love her haircut.

  4. Thanks for choosing Star! She has always dressed FABULOUSLY, even when she was larger!

  5. she looks good – but in some shots she seems uncomfortable with her new body – like how to position it. good choice on her as a style file though – sticking to the basics is working for her!

  6. this is the best i’ve ever seen star. her new look works well for her.

  7. Star is looking so much better nowadays. I do agree with the comments about the neck thing…it looks kinda freaky to me.
    But, thank God for Al…you know this is all his doing!

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