Happy Wednesday Bombshells!
Today we’re bringing it back to more traditional fare, with a Style File on one of Tinseltown’s budding fashionistas:

Lala Vasquez

….Lala Vasquez.

On the scene since TRL dominated MTV, Lala has carved a way into the celebrity stratosphere thanks to her boyfriend, Carmelo Anthony, and a constellation of connected friends. Her style game reflects her baller status. Let’s take a look!

When Lala hits the red carpet, she tends to bet on black, wearing thigh grazing cocktail dresses with interesting elements like patent leather belts, feather skirts, and bangin’ clutches:

Lala Vasquez

Lala Vasquez

However plain the palette, she always kills the shoe game, wearing peeps toes and shoe boots topped off with neon nail polish.

When she injects a bit of color, she sticks to grays and whites, keeping her look subdued yet sassy in chic jumpsuits, strapless numbers, and dresses with bubble hems:

Lala Vasquez The Fashion Bomb

She keeps the color going for casual commitments, adding leather, sequins, and stripes for a dash of spice:

Lala Vasquez The Fashion Bomb

Lala Vasquez

And when kicking it courtside, it’s back to black, with skinny jeans, and a statement bag to complete the look:

Lala Vasquez Courtside

I think we might have a new style star on our hands!
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What do you think of her style?

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3 thoughts on “Style File : Lala Vazquez”

  1. I don’t like the little black dresses. Everything else looks pretty cute. Not sure what it is about the LBDs… I think the tailoring and undergarment choice is a little off or something?

  2. I think for the most part LaLa has a great fashion sense. Not sure what you don’t like about her LBD’s, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. She has realy stepped her game up. I like a lot of her shoes especially.

  3. I like the matching LV bag moment !

    and her Hairstyle !!! why dont u talk about her hair … they’re always perfect0 !

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