So while I was on vacay with my sis, she couldn’t stop talking about Janelle Monae:


Apparently the Bad Boy crooner is initiating a new soul and fashion movement down south, and I figured, why not look at her style?


Janelle makes waves with menswear inspired blazers and neckties, all topped off with her signature pompadour hairstyle.


A fan of the London aesthetic, Janelle favors riding boots, high waisted pants, and crested, tailored jackets worn with simple accessories like button clip on earrings and pearl studs.


For most events, Janelle sticks to classic black and white, down to her Oxfords, socks, and sunglasses…


But brings in splashes of color for more casual commitments with tie neck blouses, scarfs, and vintage handbags.

How cute is she?

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