So while I was on vacay with my sis, she couldn’t stop talking about Janelle Monae:


Apparently the Bad Boy crooner is initiating a new soul and fashion movement down south, and I figured, why not look at her style?


Janelle makes waves with menswear inspired blazers and neckties, all topped off with her signature pompadour hairstyle.


A fan of the London aesthetic, Janelle favors riding boots, high waisted pants, and crested, tailored jackets worn with simple accessories like button clip on earrings and pearl studs.


For most events, Janelle sticks to classic black and white, down to her Oxfords, socks, and sunglasses…


But brings in splashes of color for more casual commitments with tie neck blouses, scarfs, and vintage handbags.

How cute is she?

Get a Janelle Monae aura with these 12 items:

8 thoughts on “Style File: Janelle Monae”

  1. I love Janelle Monae. I’ve been following her for a while now and I’m just inspired by her fashion, voice, and energy. She’s a unique individual who doesn’t conform to what mainstream thinks is hot. What a great post!

  2. Finally! I have been waiting for you all to do a style file on Miss Monae!! She definitely is an individual who does whatever she feels, from her music down to her fashion!

  3. Thank You Claire! I love this girl, great voice, great style and very original too!

  4. I have been a Janelle Fan for a lil over 2years now. I love that she’s getting some exposure. She is a wonderful artist. She actually has integrity behind her music. and she’s not using her behind to sell records. Thanx for the post claire.

  5. i love JM! btw if anyone was wondering where to get that vintage parisian suitcase janelle is sporting in the last pic, you can pick one up at homegoods! i have one in my room for decorative purposes, very cute.

  6. lol, she was once really rude to my younger sister and I haven’t been able to stand the sound of her voice since. Not to taint anyone’s opinion, I bet she’s a great artist and I do like that she’s not going the tramp route with her style.

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