Thank Goodness it’s Thursday!
So lately this angelic chanteuse has been making her rounds promoting her new “fragrance”, and I thought: who better to profile this week but….


…Mariah Carey?
While most Style Files exalt the chic of its subjects, Mariah Carey might need just a bit of help. Let’s see why:
Mariah’s wardrobe seems to consist exclusively of spandex and spiked heels. On or off the red carpet, you’ll catch her in dresses that are clingy…
…low cut…

…or otherwise suffocating…
Even in more casual situations, you’ll see her basically club ready in plunging necklines and sunglasses…
…mile high stilettos…
Or tight jeans…
…with even tighter tops.
Madame Mimi’s wardrobe exudes a bit of trash instead of class… so my first style suggestion would be to incorporate fabrics other than spandex into her wardrobe..say cotton or even wool? Also, she doesn’t have to kill it every time in low cut, short, and tight. She can achieve sexy with just short….
…while covering up her bosoms. Left to Right: Animal Print Illusion Dress, $148,; Democracy Puff-Sleeve Printed Jersey Dress, $124,; Karen Zambos Slit Tie Dress, $147, CoutureCandy
Or she can still go with a tight or low cut dress…
…that grazes the knees. These dresses work. Left to Right: Style & Co Printed Dress, $69,; Lotta Stensson Blue Shirred Jersey Dress, $72,; Silk Sweater Dress, $75,
Of course you can have one or two freakum dresses in your quiver for a night out….
Left to Right: Guess Jeans Felina Dress, $98,; Paillette Knit Tank Dress, $129,
And don’t forget the peep toes!
Left to Right: Expected Stillettos, $110,; Hollywould Grace Peep Toe Pumps, $30,
Either way, I love her music. I have every single CD from Vision of Love up until Fantasy, and my Ipod has taken care of the others. What’s your fave Mimi song? I still get hyped off of ‘Make it Happen” and “Emotions”…
PS Aren’t those Hollywould for Target shoes cute…and cheap?!?!? Check out the whole collection here.
PSS I’ve gotten some *great* submissions so far for the reader style contest, but I’m greedy and I want more! You have about a week! Send em to me at th************@gm***.com. I’ll keep an eye peeled! Also, I might have even more prizes to add to the mix…it’s worth it!
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7 thoughts on “Style File Intervention Edition: Mariah Carey”

  1. I love old school Mariah Carey songs, in my opinion the older, the better. I think this is a great post. Her clothes are often a clash – tight and low cut put together does not work, usually best to choose one or the other. demure and classy is better than trashy.

  2. I was so glad that you were not profiling her as a “DO” because most of the time she is a “DON’T”. She clearly does not understand the concept of understated sexy.

    Most of her clothes are too revealing and she is just too old for that now. Her body is banging but she doesn’t have to flaunt it everyday at all times.

    thanks for giving readers other, more classy, options.

  3. I love Mariah…Circles on the Emancipation of MIMI is definitely my joint…but she could change the game a tad bit…but damnit at least she has the body for what she rocks…she could look like a hamhock wrapped in lycra…it could be worse ladies…

  4. OMG…I was just saying the same thing yesterday. She needs a stylist badddddd!!! Her look is soooo tired!!!

  5. i’m a huge mariah fan too! my fav songs of hers are “always be my baby”, “vision of love”,”all i want for christmas”, and “say something”. as much i as i love her, her wardrobe makes me cringe. i don’t think she’s presenting herself well as a sucessful grown woman. she almost looks like she’s trying to compete with the lindsay lohans and christina aguilera’s of the world when she should be past that stage. i love your clothing suggestions.

  6. Love Mariah but hate her “style”, I feel she can look so much better because she is a pretty woman. Also, I disagree those Hollywood by Target shoes are ugly.

  7. Mariah’s cup runneth over!!! She really needs to put the girls up…well not let them do as they please.

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